Algerian President Bouteflika rushed to Paris after suffering a stroke

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President Bouteflika

President Bouteflika

Algerian President Abdelaziz Bouteflika has been flown to hospital in Paris after suffering a mini-stroke, the state news agency said.

Mr Bouteflika had a “transient ischemia” – a temporary blockage of a blood vessel often called a mini-stroke – an official told the APS news agency.

But he said there was “no reason for worry” about the 76-year-old leader.

The agency said Mr Bouteflika, who makes few public appearances – was undergoing tests in Paris.

He is reported to be at the Val de Grace military hospital, commonly used by high-profile patients from France and beyond.

“An initial investigation has already been opened and his Excellency the president of the republic must observe a period of rest to undergo tests,” Rachid Bougherbal, the director of the National Sports Medicine Centre, was quoted as saying by APS.

‘Cancer’ report

Prime Minister Abdelmalek Sellal echoed Mr Bourgherbal’s assurances that there was no need for concern.

But the fact that he has been sent to Paris has prompted questions about the accuracy of the official account, correspondents say.

Mr Bouteflika underwent surgery in hospital in Paris several years ago. Officially the problem was a stomach ulcer, but a leaked US diplomatic cable suggested he had cancer.

In spite of his age and apparently failing health, there are still those who believe Mr Bouteflika could stand for a fourth term in office in elections scheduled for next year.

He is part of an ageing leadership which has dominated Algerian politics since the country gained independence from France more than 50 years ago.



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