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Akashambatwa explains his call for release of Barotse Treason detainees

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mbikusita-lewanika.akashambatwa.Please, allow me to contextualize the above report.

I am focused in the bigger picture of global humanity and Pan Africanism, for all times.

But, being human, of course, I was pained and distressed to see distressed people in Mwembeshi Maxim Prison cast into the dungeons of jail for political reason, half a century after “Independence.”

I could neither worsen their distress by being completely silent after witnessing what I witnessed nor lose an opportunity to refocus for empty superficial remembrances of “Independence” to current reality sustentative reflection of the demands of genuine national independence.

However, my pronouncement on this matter is neither colloquial nor time bound at all.

It is cast in universal and lasting human rights principles, inclusive of progressive civil rights.

Please note that my record shows that:-
When KK was put under house arrest and the Late Princess Nakatindi was arrested on treason related charges, I visited them in solidarity and publicly called for their release.

When Rupiah Banda, Mulena Inyambo Yeta (as UNIP Vice President) and others were imprisoned over the ZERO Option allegations, I visited them and made statements – inside and outside Parliament – condemning the acts of political arrests.

When the Zambian Parliament resolved that Comrades Fred Mmembe, Lucy Sichone, Masauso Phiri and a young reporter should be arrested and imprisoned indefinitely, I was thrown out of parliament for disassociating myself from, and condemn this resolution, and not only that I privately acted, and publicly spoke in solidarity with these would have been victims of suppression!

When the hour came, I daringly stood and openly risked everything, for the civil and human rights that had long been denied Zambians under the One Party State.

When I was a student leader in the United States of America, I actively and materially supported the liberation movements of South Africa, Zimbabwe, Angola, Mozambique and Guinea Bissau, as well as condemned African military and One Party States.

I was equally, if not even more actively, engaged in championing the cause of African-American civil and human rights. This meant opposing and condemning mistreatment, imprisonment and killings of people for poli0tical reasons.

In all this, what is being done is to reassert and fulfill the promise of independence and condemn governance by deceit and lies as well as by force and oppression.

This focus is not only in Zambia or this time, but all over the world and for all times. This is where I stand and shall always stand – mere silence is not an option.

By Akashambatwa Mbikusita Lewanika


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