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African governments warned over ‘sub-standard’ imports from the Far-East

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The Africa Consumer Union (ACU) has observed that the high proliferation of sub-standard and counterfeits products, mainly from the far-east pose the biggest threat to manufacturing in Africa, leading to the continent’s high levels of unemployment and backwardness.

And ACU has observed that the trade relations between Africa and China, characterized by the later’s over supply of lowly-priced consumer goods that in most cases are substandard, is costing the African continent colossal sums of money as consumers are pushed in a circle of poverty by purchasing goods repeatedly without expected value in return.

ACU 1st Vice President, Muyunda Ililonga, bemoans the influx of sub-standard and lowly-priced goods from China and other Far-Eastern countries, pointing out that African consumers do not get any value from the goods.

“The African Continent, without exception, is awash with sub-standard counterfeits consumer goods coming from the Far-East,” Ililonga said in a statement. “These lowly-priced goods look attractive to the poor consumer on the continent but in fact the Africa consumer hardly gets value for his little money because soon these products fail to perform and return value and the consumer is left bitter with holes in the pocket.

“The result is a circle of poverty induced, in part, by imbalance in trade relations. It’s for this reason that at ACU we call upon the governments on the continent to rise to the occasion and ensure protection of its markets and citizens from unfair trade relations that make the continent a dumping ground for unpleasant commerce,” he added.

Ililonga further calls upon African governments not to allow international trade to completely diminish the continent’s manufacturing capabilities.


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