African governments’ silence on Chinese xenophobic activities on blacks cause for concern-WPP

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Dr. B. Mwansa Kapika

Anti-black sentiments by Chinese society in China and on Africa’s on soil cannot remain unnoticed and cannot continue to be regarded as incidents- Workers and Peasants Party (WPP).

While China is enjoying all the privileges in Africa to further contribute to develop their own economies, African leaders for unknown reasons cannot continue to remain silent on this profoundly serious issue.

It is not a long time ago that the African continent witnessed violent reactions to the xenophobic activities in South Africa.

The actions involving the instant mob beating of unprotected blacks in China or the eviction of blacks from their homes or denying them entrances in supermarkets and restaurants are a manifestation of vestigial xenophobic and racism.

The COVID-19 pandemic has now proved the perfect setting for resurgence of this ugly phenomenon.

Not as part of propaganda machinery with reports of helping to develop Africa.

African leaders are on the begging rampage in China and returning with diplomatic cases filled with Chinese money.

What the African leadership does not realize is that there is nothing that can be given for nothing.

The turning effect is that it is Africa with its vast nature resources which is contributing to the development of China.

In any bilateral relationship migration cannot be avoided. But with the present situation it is like one-way traffic.

African countries are welcoming Chinese nationals. While Africans in China are aggressively denied the comfort and human rights.

Flow of Chinese business into the African continent is a ones-sided story of contemporary Sino-African relations which benefits the African elite in power.

There are a lot of sentiments going among the black communities in Africa and broad. The African leadership seem to ignore the potential dangers and reactions from its own citizens.

Their lacking courage to condemn the treatment of Africans in China, may lead to protests which would be difficult to control.

Instant mobs of beating defenceless Africans in China has shown lack of human respect and racial integration in that part of the world. This cannot happen at such a scale in the western countries.

The author is Political Bureau Chairman – Workers and Peasants Party


2 Responses to African governments’ silence on Chinese xenophobic activities on blacks cause for concern-WPP

  1. This is a great concern to every African on the continent and not only in Zambia, what our leaders need to know is that the general African population have more power than those in governments, if the situation is not corrected with in the short time these leaders will be running away from their countries and being accused of evils which they may not have committed.
    Who ever imagined that Basir was going to be caged something to learn from by these leaders . When we fought for our independence we focused on our freedoms which is being eroded due to incompetence of these leaders , if we went in the bush to fight for freedom how can we fail to go in the streets and chase away the chinese including the careless leaders .
    What these leaders are doing is a recipe for anarchy better they act quickly before people start taking the law in their own hands .

    May 23, 2020 at 5:04 pm

  2. This man really knows what he is talking about. In my village near to Livingstone people were very happy to see the Chinese making roads. What happened years later?. Rains came and the roads were filled with damages. None of us were trained to repairs those roads. Helping to develop a country is not only flying in own Labour to do the job. It is also important to train Zambians to maintain and repair those infrastructures once the Chinese leave. After all even the British colonial masters had time to train us to maintain our own copper mines. They had time to help and encourage us in recreatieve activities such football, wrestling and other sports. As entertainment every mining company participated in forming and in sponsoring football clubs such as Mufulira Wanderers, The Red Devils and Kabwe Worriors. None of the Chinese companies dare to follow the same spirit as the British in pre and in post colonial days. Integration means also understanding and accepting others. Then we can talk about development. I think this is what Dr. B. Mwansa Kapika is trying to point out

    Donald Phiri
    May 28, 2020 at 8:10 pm

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