“Address the nation away from the noise of aircraft engines”

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President Lungu greets Vice president at the Airport

The opposition UPND has called on President Edgar Lungu to address the nation through a press conference away from the noise of aircraft engines.

President Lungu has never held a press conference and only speaks to Journalists when he is at the Airport leaving and arriving in the country.

But the UPND says it is high time the Head of State holds the press conference to address the nation.

Below is the press statement:

Monday 19th November 2018

Mr. Lungu must address the nation through a Press Conference away from the noise of aircraft engines

We challenge Mr. Edgar Lungu to address the nation through a Press Conference and answer questions and many pertinent issues.

We cannot afford to have someone in such an office only addressing citizens through Facebook and at airports with the noise of aircraft engines.

For example, Mr. Lungu recently posted on Facebook page that the PF regime has not sold any national assets to anybody and that the country was not in debt distress. 

Instead Mr. Lungu said his regime was only listing some assets on the Lusaka Stock Exchange and that the PF regime had not defaulted on the debt repayments.

To start with, we have problems believing such Facebook posts allegedly by Mr. Lungu because himself and the PF regime have openly told us not to believe such Facebook posts and other social media platforms which they claim is all propaganda.

And indeed we won’t believe such Facebook propaganda from Mr. Lungu because we know for a fact that Zambia is under debt distress hence the failure to clinch the much needed IMF deal. For example, we know for a fact that the PF regime has been defaulting on its debt repayments, especially when it comes to paying our local contractors and suppliers.

In case Mr. Lungu or whoever is embarrassing him running his Facebook page is not aware, a debt is debt whether you owe your child inside the house (local contractors) or you owe your neighbour (foreign debt).

Further, whoever is masquerading as Mr. Edgar Lungu running that page must know that listing of shares on stock exchange means selling the companies to private hands and whoever will own more shares whether local or foreign will ultimately have control over those companies.

Of interest also is why the PF regime is on one hand hoping to raise capital through selling shares for profit making companies like ZAFFICO, yet on the other hand, they are buying loss making companies such as ZAMPALM? 

Please Mr. Lungu, come out and face your people through regular Press Conferences, radio and television appearances and answer questions while giving guidance to the nation. 

Even those PF members who voted for you Mr. Lungu will not believe Amos Chanda or that Facebook page allegedly run by you. PF members equally won’t to hear from you in person away from the noise of aircraft engines at the airport. 

Patrick Mucheleka
UPND Deputy Secretary General


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