ActionAid commends Lungu for firing Siame as FIC board chair

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ActionAid Zambia has welcomed the decision by President Edgar Lungu to revoke the appointment of Goerge Siame as Financial Intelligence Centre Board Chairperson 24 hours after appointing him to the position.

ActionAid says the decision to fire Same, who in 2011 was convicted of assaulting a female co-worker while serving as Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) assistant commissioner for customs, shows the president’s commitment to upholding the gains registered in the fight against Gender Based Violence.

“This is very commendable as it shows the President’s commitment to protect the integrity of the institution as well as upholding the gains registered in the fight against Gender Based Violence. By revoking the appointment of a man who was reported to have assaulted a female Human Resource Manager whilst he served as a Senior Commissioner at Zambia Revenue Authority in 2009. The President’s decision is timely, amidst the rising number of reported GBV cases,” said ActionAid country director Nalucha Ziba in a statement today.

Ziba: “It is ActionAid Zambia’s sincere hope that the President continues on the same path and that consideration will be given to capable women when appointing the next FIC Board Chairperson as we seek to put more women in decision- making positions.”

But renowned economist and trade expert Trevor Simumba has charged that Siame’s appointment shows that the Zambian presidency is under capture.

Simumba warned that if not handled properly, this will put Zambia in a precarious state internationally and regionally.

He said the appointment of an individual with a questionable background to head an important institution such as the Financial International Centre is embarrassing.

“To appoint someone to such a sensitive position as FIC Board Chair without proper security vetting is absolutely embarrasing. It seems our security Intel system in Zambia is completely broken and captured by criminals,” Simumba said.

“It is a security problem. OP should never have cleared him. To be FIC Chair you need the highest level of security clearance at the same level as DEC, OP and ACC head.”

He added, “The DG OP has the ability to directly inform the President and intervene on a one to one basis with the President. The buck stops at the desk of the President and his DG OP including Secretary to the Cabinet.”

Simumba charged that Zambia has spineless people in key positions failing to advise the President.

“Even the FTJ Government at its worst, would never appoint a convicted person with a felony to head a sensitive institution like FIC. It is unheard of in Zambia’s history,” he said.


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  1. but who short listed him to the president.because he is a busy person ,and he can not just pick mr siame .some pipo must have submitted the name to the President.stop misleading the president.

    September 14, 2019 at 7:53 am

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