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ABZ dares Kapeya over arrests

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The opposition Alliance for Better Zambia National Chairman Dexter Zemba Moono has charged that Acting Information Minister Mwansa Kapeya’s threats that anyone talking about Republican President Michael Sata’s health and whereabouts risks being prosecuted is a lie as President Sata is an employee of the many 13 million plus Zambians who are demanding to be told the truth about his whereabouts and the health of their beloved President.

Speaking in an interview with SKY FM News today Moono disclosed that the public is not demanding to know the truth about the President’s whereabouts as Mr. Kapeya’s personal friend but rather as their Republican President and whose money is used to pay for his trips and holidays hence the Minister should stop wasting time with cheap political rhetoric and tell the nation the truth.

He charged tht President Sata was not only a President of PF but for the more than 13 Million Zambians living in Zambia and abroad

Moono charged that If the President is indeed on a State Visit to Israel as purported by Government spokesperson then ZNBC as a national broadcaster should show the public footage of the President’s arrival which has been the tradition whenever the President goes abroad as opposed to telling people that he has a letter of invitation from Israel.

He disclosed that President Sata is an employee of the Zambian people and he is answerable to us if they are friends where they come from that is their friendship but the people of Zambia deserve answers

Moono charged that Kapeya should not be telling us that he has a letter from Israel charging that Kapeya has to know that President Sata is a Republican President and it’s the Zambians who are footing the bills so he should not be telling us that he has a mere invitation letter from that Country`s President.

Moono disclosed that the people of Zambia are merely requesting the PF Government and Kapeya to show as the footage of the president in Israel and ZNBC to broadcast the footage on our screens

Moono further demanded that let the people of Zambia be told what the President will be doing in Israel for such a long period as it is not in order for a Head Of State going for a state visit for a over a month

The ABZ National Chairman further advised the PF Government to come clean as they risk of their lies back firing on them is too huge and that President Sata is a servant of the people of Zambia.



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