About Bishop Joe Imakando

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Bishop Joe Imakando

By Brian Mulenga

Before he became pastor, Joe Imakando was a well known Tamanga with a difference. He was a fervent Christian. He dealt in Emeralds and foreign currency in Kitwe and was known as scrupulously honest and always spent time preaching to his fellow dealers.

He later went into maize marketing and real estate. By the time he moved to Lusaka he was already well on the way to being a wealthy man. In Lusaka he started his Bread of Life Ministries. He was still doing business and selling makwebo but was ploughing quite a lot of money into his church.

The growth of his church was unlike most pastors and bishops actually from Joe Imakando’s own pocket. He is still in business and unlike most pastors does not need to lie that they should tithe their money to God (when they actually mean tithe to them).

Joe Imakando has offices in the centre of town just off Cairo Road where he runs his business from. He keeps his business separate from his Bread of Life ministry. I am an atheist and don’t believe in his religion but for me, Joe Imakando at least walks the talk. From his own sweat and his own money, he has built up a large church. He does not need to lie that God needs money then pocket it. He makes out pretty well from his other business interests. He could quit the Ministry today and make much more money in business full time.

So there you have it. Even to this day, he deals in precious stones, maize marketing, supplying agricultural supplies as well as real estate. he has property in Lusaka, Mongu and the Copperbelt. The offices in town are very nice in a posh understated way. One thing. When he passes in the corridor you can tell he was there even an hour later. Designer perfume.


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