A new 5 years Zambia – Bishop Kazhila

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Bishop Joseph Kazhila

Bishop Joseph Kazhila

A new 5 years journey of either love or hatred; peace or trouble (confusion); prosperity or poverty; direction or lost; faith or fear; job or no job; money or no money; food or no food; security or insecurity; life or death; fresh reconciliation or more division; unity or disunity; friendship or enmity; breakthrough or bondage; heaven or hell etc.

How secure are you? Well, Zambia in unity can surely prosper, but in division doom reigns. We must all therefore rise above board and work together for a genuine reconciliation among ourselves towards God’s love.
Let us walk a life of truthfulness (without lies), because Zambia is bigger than any tribe or region, but sadly Satan has managed to divide our nation in groupings. The almighty God can bring healing, though, when we look to him. Watch and pray always for a God intervention.

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