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A Look at the Top Online Blackjack Games To Play For Real Money

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Online blackjack is perhaps the best thing to check out in a casino – this is what you will hear from gamers around the world. Indeed, there is no shortage of games and titles on offer when you hit a casino. But the moment you find something exciting like blackjack, you will find yourself moving towards it. The blackjack game is a dream of every card lover as it is unpredictable and has some of the best game plans to offer. 

Today, we have plenty of sites that are famous for their range of Blackjack titles. You will even come across the Blackjack casino, where you will get the best bonuses as much as titles on offer. You may have never played the game but if you want to try, go for the casinos offering the title to play for free. But there are a few reasons why you must try blackjack for real money as well. Let us check those reasons now. 

Types of Blackjack Games to Play for Real Money

Online blackjack is all about the way you make card combinations that reach up to 21. But you will need to have a higher hand value than the dealer. If the dealer scores closer to 21 than you do, he is the winner. Let us check a few Blackjack variants that you can play for real money. 

  1. Blackjack Switch: This is an option in which players get two hands instead of one. The players can switch the top cards in the place of one. This is how the game got its name. 
  2. European Blackjack: This version is similar to the American Blackjack, and you will be playing using 2 to 8 decks. The dealer only gets one face-up card, and he draws after all the other players draw. This said, the game favors the dealers when it comes to paying out. 
  3. Double Exposure Blackjack: In this game, the dealer’s cards are exposed. The gamers will notice a higher house edge in the game. But it is still one of the hottest games ever in any Blackjack casino. 
  4. Single Deck Blackjack: This game option is close to the basic Blackjack game. The task is to get two face-up cards, whereas the dealer receives one face-up and one face-down card. You will have to guess the dealer’s card’s value and then make your next move. 
  5. Live Blackjack: Yes, this keeps the real blackjack game intact. The only thing you would notice is that you will be playing games with real dealers and players online.
    Live Dealer Blackjack:
  6. Burn Blackjack: A variant offered in online casinos only. Similar to normal blackjack, except the player may burn his second card for a random card the dealer provides. To burn, the player must make a wager equal to half his original bet. The game is as much fun as you want it to be. Hence, gamers throng to play it. 

Free Blackjack VS Real Money Blackjack

  • The Thrill Factor: You will be able to practice the game many times over and over again in these free versions. But the actual thrill is when you bet for real money at a blackjack casino. 
  • Real Rewards: The benefit of playing for real money is the real rewards you can receive. So, if you want to receive prize money, you will need to register at a site and deposit money to bet. 
  • Basics for Beginners: Keep in mind that first-time gamers will be able to learn the game by playing the basics. 

Many blackjack casino offers the best games and the most lucrative bonuses. Also, they are quite reliable and have positive reviews too. It means you can bet for real cash without the least worries here.


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