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A demonstration at Zambia High Commission, London

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High Commission of Zambia in London

High Commission of Zambia in London

A demonstration will be held at the Zambian High Commission in London Wednesday 9th April in protest of British mining company Vedanta’s violations in Zambia.

This is contained in a press release by the Mirriam Rose representing the organisers of the demonstration, Foil Vedanta.

The demonstration in London slated for next Wednesday follows the formal UK launch of Foil Vedanta’s ground breaking report revealing Vedanta’s violations in Zambia, which has been called the ‘copper gate’ in Zambia.

Vedanta runs one of Zambia’s largest mines the Konkola Copper Mines (KCM) in Chingola.

The protests to be held outside the Zambian High Commission in London will demand that KCM’s annual reports are made public, and compensation paid to communities poisoned by polluted water.

Protesters from Foil Vedanta and the African diaspora in London will chant, play drums and hold banners and placards outside the Zambian High Commission in London.

They will demand that some of the revelations in Foil Vedanta’s ground breaking report Copper Colonialism that Vedanta’s KCM and the copper loot of Zambia are addressed by Vedanta and the Zambian government, and ask the UK Government to formally investigate the company.

Protesters at the Zambian High Commission next week will call for Vedanta and the Zambian government to release KCM’s annual report, containing figures on profits and tax payment, which are currently kept secret.

Figures from Vedanta’s own documents, revealed in the report, suggest that KCM made $362 million in 2013, contrary to its own claims that it was making a loss and may need to be saved by the Zambian government.

The report also highlighted that the true volumes of production and export from KCM are not known, and suggested that tax evasion scams such as transfer mispricing (undervaluing exports) and under-declaring production may be occurring.

Protesters will also demand an independent investigation into volumes of copper and cobalt mined, processed and exported from KCM’s plants, and their direction of export.

Vedanta’s share prices are falling due to opposition to their operations all over the world, for undervaluing resources and violating laws.

They will join the calls of KCM employees and former employees in Zambia, demanding that retrenched workers are properly compensated for taking redundancy, and existing contract labourers are unionised.

Foil Vedanta’s Samarendra Das says: “There is a clear pattern in the way this company operates across India – building projects without permissions, evading tax, de-unionising and illegal mining. They have also been found guilty of gross negligence leading to mass fatalities and major pollution incidents. The Government of Zambia must make KCM’s accounts and annual reports public. The Zambian people and the international community demand to know the volume of copper leaving KCM’s plants.”


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