A dark cloud has fallen on the media again- Dominic Chimanika is no more

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It’s indeed a very sad week for the media fraternity. I never heard of Mr Chimanika’s sickness. I once worked with Dominic and I remember him when we were doing a documentary for kankoyo breweries in 1997 whilst at Kitwe studios of ZNBC, encouraging me to focus on what I love most as far as work was concerned than adhering to obstacles that comes our way. He was indeed a unique and down to earth reporter. I remember in the 90s it was only Dominic Chimanika, Lackson Nthani and Mangani Phiri whose voices where most heard on the streets of mother Zambia. The three were a great blend and any media story will never be complete without mentioning the three gentlemen. I had also a chance to work with Chanda Chimba the third at the mass media complex in the late 90s and 2000. Chanda was a courageous journalist and a researcher. Truth be told, Zambia has truly lost a gallant man in the media. Allow me to say something here, it’s really sad that the media fraternity is not as united as the sports and art fraternity. Ladies and gentlemen in the media, I’m earnestly appealing to you all to be united and help your fellow media personnel in times of difficulty. I remember the news of Chanda Chimba’s sickness and I had a chance of visiting him at uth one time and very few of our colleagues in the media spent time to support our brother morally and spiritually. On Monday we lost Isaac Nyambe aka (the black Smith) from Monze’s sky fm radio who was put to rest on Thursday. And it was very sad to note that most journalists and media practitioners never attended Isaac’s burial despite the gentleman having contributed emersely to the governance system of this country through radio. We can’t run away from the fact that radio unites and unifies society. Not even a representative from media institute of Southern Africa MISA-Zambia was present. Previously when we lose a renowned media person, you’d find even the ministry of information sending a representative. What has gone wrong to this country? May the souls of our dear departed media gallant men Dominic Chimanika, Chanda Chimba and Isaac Nyambe rest in eternal peace as they will be greatly missed.


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  1. “the media fraternity is not as united”…… the reason is simple, you all have thrown your professionalism to the wind preferring gratification from the crumbs collected from politicians pitting you against yourselves with partisan or sympathizer alliances! You all have access to powerhouse international media whose conduct you closely follow yet fail lamentably to take leaf on how they conduct themselves! Once journalists put country and the citizenry first with the understanding that its through the eyes of journalists that the whole country will be well informed and enlightened then as journalists you’d have played your part in as a development driving force for the country!

    March 11, 2018 at 3:17 am

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