84- year- old man jailed for defiling a 6- year – old girl

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84-year old man of Chipangali District will now have to adjust to spending the next 20 years in a correctional facility for sexually abusing a six-year-old girl, Zambia Daily Mail reports.

Chipata High Court resident judge Mercy Makubalo could not understand how a man of Langson Phiri’s age could sink so low as to even think of undressing in front of a girl who is 12 times younger than him.

“It is actually a taboo for one to undress before a child,” she said.

“It is beyond wickedness to defile a child of the said age. The convict’s act is beyond the morals of human beings, even animal’s don’t do that.” Phiri is said to have been caught by his wife defiling the girl this year.


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