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800, 000 Men circumcised in Zambia, UPND MP asks if Minister is circumcised

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Dr. Kasonde

Dr. Kasonde

Parliament on Friday heard that over 800,000 men in Zambia have been circumcised from 2007 when the campaign started to August 2014.

And Chikankata member of parliament Munji Habeenzu caused a stir in the House when he asked Health Minister Joseph Katema, whether he was circumcised as a role model.

This raised a stir in the House prompting Health deputy minister Steve Kampyongo to raise on a point of order on whether Mr Habeenzu was in order to ask Dr Kasonde, whom he described as an elderly father in the House such a question.

“Is the Chikankata MP in order to bury our cherished morals to ask our elderly father to compel him to divulge such private information,” Mr Kampyongo asked.

Speaker of the National Assembly Dr Patrick Matibini however said Dr Kasonde was not compelled but was at liberty to either answer the question or not.

Former Health minister Brian Chituwo caused laughter in the House when he said that he was 67years old and was not afraid to inform the nation that he was circumcised.

He said leading by example would either encourage or discourage those one was leading.

In responding to the question however, Dr Kasonde urged MPs to respect the confidentiality of medical issues inside and outside the House.

He was disappointed with Dr Chituwo for going against ethical principles of the medical profession of the right to confidentiality for which he was a part of as a medical doctor.

Dr Kasonde said there was a huge response from members of the public with regard to circumcision.

He was responding to a question for oral answer raised by Mwinilunga MP Katuka who wanted to find out how many males countrywide had been circumcised from the time the exercise started to August 2014.

Male circumcision had gone a long way in preventing HIV/Aids and other STDs as well as penile and cervical cancers.

Mafinga MMD MP Catherine Namugala urged Government to educate people on the negative effects and myths about male circumcision but Dr Kasonde said reports of loss of sexual function had been raised but there had been no effect of sexual function.

Ikelengi MMD MP Elijah Muchima said shouldn’t circumcision be made a Bible policy where it was compulsory for boys by the age of eight years but Dr Kasonde maintained that the vice would remain voluntary.

Choma UPND MP Cornelius Mweetwa condemned compulsory HIV/Aids testing for people who wanted to be circumcised.


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