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24 armed Police Officers to trail HH

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Police officers24 armed police officers are reported to have been assigned to trail opposition UPND president Hakainde Hichilema while in North Western province.


A police officer who chose to remain anonymous has told Zambian Eye about the development.


The Officer disclosed in a statement below that Hichilema has also just been allowed two days instead of four that he had applied to be in the province. He said the UPND leader has also been only allowed to visit two districts.


Kindly Hide My ID. I am a Senior Officer at Solwezi Central Station.


It is sad what is obtaining in the Zambia Police. The United Party for National Development (UPND) applied for a four(4) day permit to be in North Western Province for party mobilization activities.

However it is shocking to note how the Officer Commanding Mbewe rejected the permit and opted to reduce it to two days and restricting President Hakainde Hichilema to only two Districts.


Sadly, this means President Hichilema has only been granted a two days permit and shall only be allowed to hover around the permitted jurisdiction of Mwinilunga and Solwezi. Therefore, President Hichilema will only be in North Western Province from 19 December – 22 December,2015.


Mbewe has further assigned 24 officers to be fully armed and monitor President Hichilema’s activities and follow him everywhere he goes whilst in North Western Province. Mbewe is a staunch Patriotic Front(PF) cadre who has been busy intoxicating officers with foolish and deceptive messages of royalty to the government of the day.


Royalty to the government of the day does not mean government officers must be PF cadres who must be intolerant to objectivity. Mbewe has been the one who has continued to sell out other officers on the basis of tribe recommending there demotion and dismissal.


To the people of Zambia and all the Officers in other places kindly learn from how we shall handle this situation. We shall treat President Hichilema as a King and turn that Police presence into his special security in defiance to the useless instructions from Mbewe.


By the way Mbewe is a corrupt element who must be suspended by now for his corrupt role that he has been playing at Katoka Mema Mining company in Kasempa where he has been receiving bribes from the Russians to silence the locals over the Mine. His case is before the Anti Corruption Commission. Mbewe is a respected PF cadre that oftenly has been saved from punishment by State House and to support his PF agenda President Lungu has now sent Lackson Sakala as the new Commissioner of Police for North Western Province.


Sakala was initially in Solwezi before his transfer to Lusaka and he is known for his notorious criminal activities, corruption and nepotism all which have left the Officers demotivated just upon hearing that he is the one coming.


However, Sakala’s coming to North Western is not anything to do with lack of professional staff to occupy that position, it is to enhance a cartel that shall perpetrate the enforcement of the infamous Public Order Act to the disadvantage of the opposition.


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