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210 cattle slaughtered as Namwala’s biggest rancher put to rest

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Namwala’s biggest Rancher Teddy Namainga has been buried at funeral attended by President Hakainde Hichilema.

Namainga popularly known as Mukamambwe died aged 84 on Saturday at a Cancer Hospital in Lusaka.

He is known for displaying handreds of oxens during the Shimunenga traditional ceremony of the ila people of Namwala District in Southern province.

During the 2022 Shimunenga traditional ceremony, Namainga displayed 2000 of his oxens.

His funeral has been taken as a way to celebrate a successful life of a Rancher. Zambian Eye Correspondent in Monze says 210 of his favorite oxens are being slaughtered during the funeral as per his will.

Today the day of his burial 100 were slaughtered for people to eat. The oxens as part of the funeral rituals were brought to his house.

Some Farmers from the area, Maala also brought in the cattle to slaughter saying it was a great time to celebrate the life of the man who inspired them.

Speaking at the funeral today President Hichilema told Mourners that there were a number of lessons to learn from the late Namainga who he described as a hardworking man. He called on Zambians to emulate him.

“He believed in hard work, and he inspired many people to be ranchers. Though gone, his works and legacy live on.

President Hichilema also urged the family to remain united and ensure that the cattle that Namainga worked for so hard is preserved and continues to grow.

“Mukamaangwe was a unifier who believed in embracing people of diverse backgrounds, and his immense contribution to Shimunenga Traditional Ceremony is something we will always remember him for,” President Hichilema who is also a Rancher said.

“We want to see the oxens during the Shimunenga, President Hichilema who spoke in ila told the family.

“Twahiminwa! Koona mulumuno mukando” he said.

His body was yesterday airlifted to his farm in Maala where it lied in state in readiness for burial today.

Zambian Eye, 1st March 2024.


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