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2016 elections: Joe Muchindu eyes Choma Central

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Joe Muchindu

Joe Muchindu

A Choma Resident Joe Muchindu has announced that he will be contesting the Choma Central Constituency in the 2016 General elections.

Muchindu confirmed to Zambian Eye in an exclusive interview on Monday, April 20, 2015 that he is eying the seat. He explained that he has been called by the people in the constituency to contest the seat.

“Yes it is true, I have been called by the people of Choma Central to stand in 2016,” Muchindu explained. “The people in Choma are saying they are not well represented in Parliament. So they have called me that I should stand and I have accepted.”

Muchindu who just returned from the tour of the constituency told Zambian Eye that the people want a Member of Parliament who understands the constituency and knows their needs. He said there were a number of issues affecting the constituency that needs to be urgently addressed.

Asked on which party ticket he will be contesting, Muchindu said the people in Choma want him to stand on UPND ticket.
Muchindu was born, raised and educated in Choma. He is an Accountant by profession.

Cornelius Mweetwa is the current Member of Parliament. Unlike other constituencies in Southern province since 2001 when the seat was won by UPND, the constituency has had three MPs.

The adoption of Mweetwa as party candidate in 2011 saw the UPND divided with a number of candidates who had applied to stand on the party quiting and others contesting as Independent candidates. The situation was the same in Monze where Lusaka Lawyer Jack Mwiimbu was said to have been imposed.



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