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15 Best Big Data Consulting Companies

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The word Big data means a process of gathering a large set of data from various sources and analyzing it to identify the patterns and the opportunities to get useful insights that can be used for machine learning and for predictive modelling.

Finding the best big data consulting companies can be a daunting task. Today, several companies are available that are providing this service. But considerably you should go and check the big data consulting services of the Vitechteam as it provides you with the right services.

Below we have provided a list of 15 companies so that you can choose wisely as per your need.


This is a custom software development company that provides the service of engineering platform and big data consulting. It also offers the Business Intelligence portal development and the ability to boost it with other advanced technology. Meanwhile, it offers data migration, data store design, performance optimization and other support services to facilitate approximately all the types of the users.


This is one of the leading best big data consultancy companies. The services offered by the company includes the big data consultancy, technology consultancy, big data solutions etc.

Saviant Consulting:

Saviant is a huge company that has a total of 120 experts in the team and the list of clients goes up to more than 100 from various countries of the world including Canada, UK, and US etc. The main focus area of this company is Logistics, Energy and Retail. The big data services of the company includes data analytics, management and much more.


Squadex is an engineering company that provides its services for technology consultancy and big data. The services offered by this company includes big data analytics, consulting and big data engineering etc.


This platform is created to provide a large data hub with the ability to manage the data insights, security and scalability. It allows the users to store and navigate easily between hundreds of terabytes of data from one platform. Users can easily get the insights at real time from the data records.


Veeva provides cloud based and business solutions, especially for the industry of health care. With the help of the cloud program, it can easily analyze the market and provide accurate new medicines. This company is good for the businesses that are related to the fields of research, and regulation etc.

CBIG Consulting:

CBIG is an American Company that offers the business intelligence and big data solutions. It provides an architecture to the clients for solving the problem and to fulfill their need efficiently. For this, it employs Hadoop distributions, Hive and Sqoop etc. Basically it focuses on Healthcare, Finance, Retail and more.

Clavax Technologies:

This is a software development company that offers big data consulting and implementation. It provides services for storing data, data processing and the integration of the data.

ThirdEye Data:

This is solely a big data service company that provides the big data consulting, analytics and engineering services by using artificial intelligence, and machine learning. It has served some famous companies including Ford, Nokia, Amgen, Actian, GettyImages and others.

Signity Solutions:

This is a company for providing software development and big data services. It delivers data solutions with machine learning. It works with the Education, Media and commerce and other similar industries.


Caserta is an IT company that provides a wide range of data related services including big data solutions and solution architecture/development.


This is a huge Poland Based company that is working on various projects to provide the best services to all the users. The services delivered by GetInData includes, analytics, consulting, engineering, big data infrastructure development, and maintenance.

Kavi Global:

Kavi global is an analytical company that works to deliver a large set of big data services. It includes consulting, big data solution development and implementation. Additionally, you can also get the data mining and data management services from this company.

OTA Insights:

This company uses a cloud base intelligence platform to deliver excellent services to the users. It aims to help the user understand the real time data so that the user can make the right decisions. The data that is provided contains the past, present and future analytics.


Ocient is an excellent company that provides big data consultancy to large industries. Because the company claims their data warehouse can transform, load and deliver the required data in a matter of seconds.

Final Words:

Today, various companies are available that are providing the big data consultancy but you should choose the one that has the relevant experience and offers a good package with a clear big data roadmap to fulfill your need.
















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