12 Chinese nationals arrested in Zambia

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THE Department of Immigration has arrested 12 Chinese nationals for various immigration offences.

The Chinese were arrested on Monday at the Multi Economic Facility Zone Kenneth Kaunda International Airport.

Immigration public relations officer Namati Nshinka said in a statement to Mwebantu Media that the Chinese were arrested during a routine inspection of the business premises.

“Out of the 12, five (05) were detained, three (03) of them for helping some Chinese workers to escape, one (01) for unlawful stay and another for assaulting an Immigration Officer.

“The other Seven (07) were ordered to report to the Regional Immigration Office for further immigration formalities, “Mr Nshinka said.

Meanwhile, 21 Congolese nationals and one Zimbabwean at Kasumbalesa Border Control were arrested for unlawful entry.

Nshinka said also arrested for unlawful entry were three Burundians in Lusaka, four Malawians in Chipata, one Tanzanian and two other suspected Tanzanians in Mpika, three Somalis in Ndola, two Congolese nationals and one Burundian in Nakonde, and 2 Tanzanians in Mpulungu.

Nshika said those arrested for unlawful stay include three Congolese nationals, one Tanzanian in Chingola, one Somali, one Chinese in Lusaka, one Congolese in Mufulira, two Zimbabweans and two Malawians in Livingstone.

Two (02) Zambians were also arrested for harbouring the Malawians.

Meanwhile, in Lusaka, a Congolese female and a Zambian male were arrested for giving false information to a Government Officer after they attempted to apply for a Spouse permit on the false pretext that they were married, when in fact not.

Nshinka said in Ndola, one Congolese national was arrested after attempting to fraudulently obtain a Green Zambian National Registration Card (NRC).

A Zambian who stood as a deponent in support of the NRC application was also arrested.

During this period, the Department also removed a total of 27 Illegal Immigrants from the country.

These include 10 Malawians in Lundazi, 8 Tanzanians and one Somali in Nakonde, six Malawians in Chipata, one Tanzanian in Chinsali, one Somalian in Ndola, one Tanzanian in Katima – Mulilo and one Congolese in Samfya.

In another development, the Magistrate Court in Kitwe on Friday, 8th July, 2016 convicted and sentenced a Congolese national to pay a fine of K 3,000 or in default nine months simple imprisonment for unlawful entry


3 Responses to 12 Chinese nationals arrested in Zambia

  1. We have a murderer in State House. Lungu’s hands are dripping with Mapenzi’s blood.

    Buck Teeth Lungu
    July 14, 2016 at 5:44 am

  2. Where on earth did Margaret Mwanakatwe get the idea that Lungu will get 100 percent vote in Lusaka? Surprising, even literate people can’t read the mood. Self appeasement does not mean cheating yourself in broad daylight like that. She’s behaving like a student who publicly claims to have passed an exam when she knows very well that she failed miserably.
    Lusaka is a metropolitan city and to say what she is saying is a big lie. He will be lucky to get 50 percent vote in Lusaka. The water melon concept is at work in Lusaka, get the water melon (green) cut it open eat the red sweet stuff inside and throw away the green outer cover (PF). PF, kuya bebele.

    Prince Mande
    July 14, 2016 at 8:14 am

  3. China is overpopulated so the Chinese are looking for land to stay in. Zambia should have a strategy for them. You can learn a lot from China

    July 14, 2016 at 4:39 pm

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