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Ncube, entire Zesco should step down – ZMP

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Vickson Ncube

Zambia Must Prosper (ZMP) Party Vice President Miner Katolo says if indeed ZESCO Board Chairman Vickson Ncube and the entire ZESCO management team lied to President Hichilema regarding the country’s electricity generation campacity they must with immediate effect step down for gross incompetence and plunging the country into a near economic sabotage with the more than half a day electricity load shedding.

Katolo says Ncube is using his position to coverup and divert public attention so as to allow the United Party for National Democratic (UPND) administration continue exporting electricity to neighbouring countries at the expense of the local power supply needs.

He says the claim is further aimed at cleaning President Hichilema of the embarrassment of telling Zambians and the whole world that his administration had ended load shedding in less than two years of being in office.

In a media statement issued by Party spokesperson Trymore Mwenda, Katolo said therefore, Ncube found it fit to claim that the President was misinformed, when in fact not because as it is said numbers do not lie, figures of the country installed electricity generation capacity and national peak requirement are an open secret.

Katolo said numbers don’t lie, these figures were widely circulated by the ZESCO Managing Director, Victor Mapani last year at the Association of Power Utilities of Africa high level panel discussion in Senegal where he indicated that Zambia had achieved an electricity generation surplus of 1,156MW (Megawatts) following the successful commissioning of 4x150MW capacity from the 750MW Kafue Gorge Lower Hydro Power Station.

Katolo said the ZESCO Managing Director went on further to reveal that Zambia’s installed national generation capacity stood at 3,456.8MW against a peak national demand of approximately 2,300MW.

He said twisting of facts will however not sway the Zambian people from knowing the UPND Government for what they really are, a government focused on pleasing the surrounding countries with power exports at the expense of its own citizens.

However, an Energy Expert, Johnston Chikwanda, has appealed to those calling for the resignation of Ncube to give him a second chance.

Dr Chikwanda says Ncube has clearly demonstrated leadership by putting his head on the chopping block.

“In a world where blame shifting has become like a popular national sport, I welcome Zesco Board Chair’s humility of taking full responsibility for the misinformation with the Alpha position.

“Very unfortunate. To me this is a demonstration of leadership. I wish we had or could have people like this man- Mr Victor Ncube who can go public and take responsibility,” he said.

Recently, Ncube on Hot FM’s ‘Hot Seat programme told the nation that he misinformed the Head of State about load shedding, affirming that President Hichilema wouldn’t have made his statement about load shedding ending in Zambia had he given him correct information.

Ncube then apologized to the Nation as well as to the appointing authority.


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