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10 things that turn guys off that girls don’t know about

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Guys love girls. Some of them, they adore. But while you might be under the impression that guys are only after one thing and will do anything to get it, it’s just not true. There are some things that turn them off, causing them to run a mile. The problem is that you’re probably not even aware of what these things are. You could be happily chatting away without a care in the world, when all of a sudden he claims his mom is sick and he has to leave, and then, you never hear from him ever again. If you’re on the dating scene right now and want to make your next relationship work, let’s take a look at 10 things that turn guys off that girls don’t know about.

Too Talkative

Sure, guys want a girl to talk. They don’t want to date a shy lady who literally never has anything to say, or always answers simple yes or no to questions. But they also don’t want to date girls who talk all the time. An extremely talkative girl – rightly or wrongly – is seen as having a big ego by a guy. And this can be problematic. It’s even worse if the favourite subject is herself, it’s one of those things that really turn guys off.


Girls are often late. “Hey, it takes a lot of maintenance to look this good.” But for a guy it’s hard to understand this. Guys don’t have the same point of view. They just dislike it when you’re always late.

Bad Habits

Guys have bad habits. They scratch themselves in inappropriate areas at inappropriate times, they belch fiercely without warning they snore, and they leave the toilet seat up…However, we still love ‘em. When girls have really bad habits, guys find it hard to overlook them. For example, if a girl smokes and the guy doesn’t, the chances are that the guy is going to see that as a deal breaker. It’s a bad habit that’s bad for health, and it causes unpleasant breath and it can be one of things that really turn guys off.

Pretending To Be Dumb

It’s fun to play dumb to catch his attention, right? Um. No. He wants an intelligent girl to have some interesting conversations and laughter with, not an airhead.

Extreme Clinginess 

It’s cute when you miss a guy. He finds it adorable. But there is a fine line between being cute or caring – and being outright clingy. Guys often don’t like it when girls “need” their man around them all the time. If he’s been away from you from for just an hour and you keep asking where he is, because you miss him, it’s going to really annoy him, and it’s one of common things that turn guys off.


Okay, you’re probably aware that nagging annoys a guy. You grew up watching your grandma nag your granddad and your mom nag your dad. It clearly annoyed the men, but hey-ho they just got on with it. For some guys, though, it’s a real deal-breaker. They just hate it. You might think you have to stay on top of him and kick his ass every now and then. But some girls – without realising it – can take the nagging too far. How? By asking the same question over and over again until they get the answer they want. It’s a major turn-off, it can really push a guy away.

Constant Helplessness 

Some girls seem to expect their man to come along and “fix” all their issues, as well as their life. Even though guys usually like to help their lady, they won’t like it when you show yourself constantly needy or helpless.

Flirting With Other Guys

The problem with this one is that, while you might not think you’re flirting, he does. How do we define flirting? You might simply be having harmless banter with a friend (or a random guy!) and you know it doesn’t mean anything. Your partner, on the other hand, could literally be seething with rage at all this naughty flirting! However much a guy wants you to flirt with him, he doesn’t want you to flirt with other men. So if you think you might be crossing the line on social media or elsewhere with another guy, it might be a good idea to stop doing that.

Getting Drunk A Lot

Being tipsy is funny. You’re probably a real deal when you’re merry! Getting hammered each weekend with the girls? He doesn’t really dig that, it’s one of things that turn guys off.


Girls can get pretty angry! You know this. Sometimes there is an excuse for it – when you’re PMSing, for example, or maybe he’s genuinely done something to make you angry. But if you consider yourself to be an angry person because “the world is full of injustice and we have to be angry about that,” he’s probably not going to like it. Guys generally like their girls for their feminine traits – and anger isn’t one of them.

Stay happy!


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