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The millionaire football team

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All across South America it is possible to find football teams with “curious” names. Bolivia is the country that contributes with the largest number of these squads. However, Colombia can also make its own contribution. Punters can wager on 1xBet – online betting Uganda for you features the best of Bolivian and Colombian football.

In Colombia, it is possible to find a football squad called Millonarios F.C. The Spanish word “millonarios” means “millionaires” in English. With that name, probably we could imagine that they could sign Messi, Mbappé and Ronaldo in a single swoop.

Millonarios is one of the most powerful football teams in Colombia. You can find the best online betting for you in 1xBet Uganda, which features all matches played by this team. The team has claimed approximately 20 domestic titles in their country. This makes Millonarios the most winning team in Colombia.

History of the name

How this football team came up with their name also deserves to be mentioned. The team was created in 1938. However, they didn’t settle with a particular name for more than a year. While waiting for the next Millonarios match, you can visit the great slots available at the website.

The team basically played each match with a different name. During that time they were known as:

  • Juventud (spanish for Youth);
  • Club Deportivo Municipal;
  • and also, Deportivo Independiente.

In 1939, the team, without a formal name at that moment, received a huge financial boost from a Colombian businessman. This allowed them to sign a group of highly talented Argentinian players. One of those players negotiated the payments for his countrymen with said investor every week. Since the main topic of that conversation was money, the team started to be nicknamed as “Los Millonarios” (the Millionaires). Soon, this was adopted as the official and permanent name. The 1xBet website offers some great slots that can be played while waiting for the next Colombian League match.

A fantastic decade

The best decade in the history of Millonarios was the 1960s. During those years, the team had one of the most powerful squads in their country and in all of South America. Punters can obtain the 1xBet app download latest version. This allows them to start wagering on these amazing teams from this part of the world.

Millonarios won four consecutive domestic leagues during that period. However, they also had great performances at a continental level in the Copa Libertadores. While they never lifted a title of this kind, they were still a respected squad in all the continent. The latest version of the 1xBet app can be downloaded for free, and users can employ it to wager on South American football.


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