Zuma Lessons for Lungu

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President Lungu

By Laura Miti

If President Lungu is watching events in South Africa, I hope he understands that today was a long time in coming. There was a time when Jacob Zuma seemed untouchable.

When first the Nkandla controversy broke, he was all arrogance. For years, it looked like there would never be a price to pay for his presidential choices. Important to note is that ALL the people involved in his recall today, were at one time vociferously protective of him. They were his praise team. His defenders. They did dirty battle for him.

As members of the opposition, the media and general public looked on in frustrated helplessness, these people made arrogant annoying statement after arrogant annoying statement in defence of their President.

Zuma was popular, strong, immovable, giving out godlike favours to those on his side.
Important too for President Lungu to note is that, at no time did President Zuma take the chance to pull back from the issues that were making the public unhappy. He knew them. They were made clear by people he dismissed as unthinking critics, stooges of white capital.

He refused to part ways with the corrupt Guptas. Instead, he instituted what he must have thought to be a fail-proof plan to be succeeded by someone who would continue to protect him after he left office. Then today arrived. A day that seemed utterly impossible a few short years ago.

To President Lungu I would say, you have a few more years to pull back from all the things that are making the Zambian public unhappy with you. You know the issues. Don’t listen to the people around you. They are in it for themselves. They will leave you with not a second thought when finally, the day of reckoning comes. It always comes.


2 Responses to Zuma Lessons for Lungu

  1. Madam Laura Miti, i agree with your observations as much as i respect you. Sadly, are we Zambians able to do what Zimbabweans and South Africans did? I doubt. Us Zambians are cowards like hyenas. Of course there are exceptions like yourself, Pilato and a countable few but the rest of us, probably including myself, are a bunch of useless cowards!We certainly cannot achieve what Zimbabweans and South Africans have achieved! Anyway, a white man just ran out of Zambia because of mosquitoes not because of anything to attain our independence in 1964 unlike in Zimbabwe and RSA and that’s the difference between them and us Zambians!

    February 15, 2018 at 2:19 pm

  2. @mumbet,”WE” NO! “YOU” yes,do not generalize Zambians can do more than the South Africans & Zimbabweans!!Go & ask them,if it was so the whites who you say “run from mosquitoes”would have not been dislodged without our help when they entrenched themselves down south.We never feared them!!

    February 16, 2018 at 1:13 pm

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