Zodwa Wabantu the beginning

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I was reading a book with the TV on, not paying much attention to it. It was on ETV. Then came a presenter who was talking to a lady, who had become a YouTube sensation. The lady was Zodwa Wabantu. As I watched on, I learned that she had become famous for a unique house music dance moves, which were quite difficult, especially that she did them while wearing high heels. The presenter even had her demonstrate the moves. The dance itself was nothing¬†sexual or immoral just the usual South African dances, but I could imagine it was difficult to do in high heels. From that TV interview her fame shot up. From merely entertaining herself, people now travelled to see her complicated dance. Her dancing now became her livelihood. She says she has saved enough money to pay for son’s education through to university.

Now the not wearing panties was not the center stage in the beginning. Even when she became a YouTube sensation it was not about not wearing panties. But that same house music dance moves she did.With many trying to mimic her.

Fast forward to now I guess fame and her handlers did not do a good job. Her not wearing panties became center stage. She appeared more and more naked.

This is the challenge to Christians now. How do you model or counsel talented dancers like Zodwa, people like Michael Jackson? People like Mampi whose talent is singing and dancing. Remember they have discovered a talent by which they survive, instead of stealing.

By Kasolo Chisanga


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  1. Wearing panties or not is their business. Who made Christians judges of other’s morality?
    You can advise, suggest – but at the end of the day it’s your OPINION, not law.
    This sticking your judgmental nose in other people’s business needs to stop.
    If they are not breaking any laws – as in stealing, harming others – keep moving.

    March 12, 2018 at 1:38 pm

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