Zimbabwe opposition leader turns violent on a live TV programme

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Emotions ran high during a TV interview comprising of a panel of politicians after Tinashe Jonasi, leader of, Ideal Zimbabwe, a new political party threw an epic tantrum which saw him ripping a party regalia scarf off Zanu-PF Kennedy Mandaza politician on live television.

Jonasi alleged that Zanu-PF was rampant with corruption and the army, the media and the judiciary was under it’s capture.

Jonasi claimed that Mandaza’s scarf was rubbing him off the wrong way saying Zimbabweans were suffering because of Mnangagwa and Mugabe and asked him to take him off to which the latter scoffed.

To the interviewer’s horror, in a Jerry Springer show move, Tinashe dove for the politician and ripped of his scarf then tossed in into the background.

Tinashe then resumed his set and proceeded with the interview as if nothing had happened – iHarare news publication. 


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