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EPISODE 358 – 360

The engagement ceremony of Shabnam and Raghu begins. Dance and celebrations Begin as Roshni dance on the song Wah Wah Ram Ji then dhol baaje song. Shabnam is happy and dances. Durgardevi looks on. Roshni comes to the room, followed by Siddharth. Roshni says you have lost it. Siddharth shows his hand and says everything is fair in love and war. He informs Roshni that he is playing a mind game with Shabnam. Shabnam happily click her selfies. Pinto gets worried and thinks Shabnam can see the pictures in his phone. Shabnam sees the pictures and thinks this phone is not mine. Siddharth and Roshni get romantic in the room. Shortly, An Inspector comes there and asks everyone to stop the sangeet. He asks who is Shabnam? Shabnam says I am Shabnam…Inspector asks her to accept her crime and get ready to go behind bars as they are here to arrest her. Shabnam is flabbergasted hearing this and gets shocked as the Inspector shows her the hand cuffs.

Siddharth and Roshni too reach there and witness how Shabnam gets scared seeing the police. Siddharth act as Raghu, and says you can’t arrest my wife if she is innocent and can arrest if she is guilty. Inspector asks him to let the law do the work. He says Shabnam Patel has stolen a heart. Everyone is surprised. The inspector then laughs and asks to play the song Chura Ke Dil….song. He tell Shabnam that they are fake and were paid to play this role. Raghu says you are a nagging boy. He asks Shabnam not to worry as the Inspector is fake. Inspector says she is tensed as if she has done a murder. He says her friends sent a gift for her. Shabnam is happy now and thinks what have they done. She finds Siddharth’s shirt when she killed him. She gets shocked.

Raghu asks what happened? Durgardevi says it is Siddharth’s shirt and asks what is going on. Shabnam takes the box and shirt inside her room. Sundari says what is happening, I don’t understand. Siddharth says she might have gone to the washroom and asks everyone to enjoy. Durgardevi takes Roshni to a side and says when I saw Siddharth’s shirt, I was shocked and you were looking at Raghu. Durgardevi sees Roshni’s hand and asks why did you make R written on your hand. I really need to know it. Siddharth says your daughter’s name start with R.

Roshni says she got Siddharth’s initial written on her hand too. Shabnam thinks Roshni is playing game with her and decides to show her what game is. Raghu says your IQ is low and says I am your son in-law now. why do you get angry with me. He says Shabnam is better than Roshni and his destiny is sparking. Durgardevi is about to slap him. Raghu asks her to slap him and that he will take it as a blessing. Durgardevi takes Roshni with her.

On the other hand, Kritika is still unwell and calls the doctor saying she wants to get rid of this. Bunty hears her and thinks he won’t let her lose their love. Meanwhile, Shabnam thinks not to leave Roshni. Roshni beats Siddharth for calling Shabnam hot, and there comes Dilwale cast. Shah Rukh Khan promote their film. Siddharth and Roshni dance on Alvida song.

Sundari asks Raghu and Shabnam to take bath as the haldi is applied on them. Durgardevi calls Roshni. Roshni gets tensed. Shabnam realizes that she has forgotten her phone and comes to take it back. She gets Siddharth’s call and he reminds her that 3 hours are left. Shabnam threatening him that she still has time left, but he don’t have. She informs him that she has kidnapped Roshni and threatens to kill her otherwise and assures that if she dies then she will not return after 6 months. She asks him to give her all the proof that he has against her. Siddharth begins to panic and he rushes towards the house and searches for Roshni everywhere. Shabnam calls her goon and asks him not to leave Roshni until she asks him. The goon says okay. As Siddharth still looks all around, just then he hears Durgardevi calling out to Roshni and asking her to come there. Siddharth relaxes himself when he finds Roshni at the event and takes a sigh of relief. Shabnam is shocked to learn that Roshni is present at the event and calls the goon and asks whom have they kidnapped? The goon tells that she asked them to kidnap the one who gets down through the lift and she realizes that her men have kidnapped the wrong person. It turns out that Durgardevi had seen Shabnam’s messages and had saved Roshni from getting kidnapped. Durgardevi then tells Roshni that she saw the messages on shabnam’s phone and that’s why she diverted her to bring Naani’s medicines. Roshni says thanks mum and asks who went down the lift. Durgardevi says I don’t care. The goons see Kesar inside the car. Siddharth is happy as his Roshni is fine. He says he doesn’t know that Shabnam will play a trick and that now it will be Shabnam’s end now.

Siddharth says just one day and Shabnam’s truth will be out in front of everyone, then this name Shabnam’s bad dream will end, and it will be win of truth over evil.

Shabnam thinks she can’t let Siddharth spoil her important day( marriage) and thinks to keep him away from her house. She calls the guards and asks them to check everyone before letting them inside. Durgardevi thinks she is giving importance to herself. Sundari thinks if she is getting married or some PM. Roshni calls Shabnam and says Sundari Aayi asked me to help you get ready. Shabnam says my life is going to set and asks what she will do alone. Roshni replies her that she is marrying Siddharth’s duplicate and says you can get only my Uttaran but you will never get Siddharth. Roshni says Siddharth is mine and I will wait for him even for six births. Pinto is doing some wiring work there, and asks Shabnam to be careful when she is about to fall.

Shabnam angrily takes Roshni’s mangalsutra and says she will wear this only for her marriage. Roshni raises her hand to slap Shabnam, but Raghu/ Siddharth comes and holds her hand. Raghu asks Roshni to control herself and asks if her husband is alive and if there is chance of his return…no…and asks how can you raise hand on my to be wife. He says Shabnam’s to be husband is alive and asks Roshni, how dare you to raise hand on my to be wife. Durgardevi asks him to shut up and says it is a women matter. She calls him useless. Raghu says how can I let my wife slapped by you. Shabnam asks everyone to end the drama and says she is going to do Puja. She tells Raghu that they will unite after few hours. Raghu asks her to go.

Later Siddharth comes to Roshni. Roshni gets angry for supporting Shabnam. Siddharth says I am handling you both. Roshni says if she does the Puja with her mangalsutra then she will kill her, and asks him to make her wear it again. Siddharth promises to bring her mangalsultra back, and says Shabnam can’t do the Puja. He says I will bring your mangalsutra and smiles.

Shabnam and Sundari reach the temple to get the mangalsutra blessed by the priest. Sundari asks Shabnam to wear pallu. She gives the mangalsutra to the Pundit for doing Puja. The pundit/priest play a trick on Shabnam, recites some mantras and ask Shabnam to pick up the the mangalsutra while it is in Aarti plate but she is unable to pick it up. Sundari asks her to pick it. Shabnam says she can’t able to pick it. The priest says it is a severe sin, and that she might have put her eye on someone’s mangalsutra that’s why she is unable to pick it. Shabnam gets shocked and scared. The pundit asks her to leave the inauspicious mangalsutra with him and he will do its Shuddhi karan. Sundari says okay and says we will get a new mangalsutra. The pundit takes out his wig and he is none other than Siddharth. Siddharth says he has to do so much to get this mangalsutra.

Shabnam wonders why she couldn’t lift the mangalsutra and then thinks today is her marriage, she should not think all this. Later, She gets Siddharth’s call and he asks her how is she? He sends his picture when she killed him and says he is looking like a hero and she is looking like a flop vamp. He threatens her, he asks Shabnam to accept her crimes or else, she would have to face the worst as he is coming to make him confess. Shabnam gets scared.

Pinto tells Siddharth that Shabnam couldn’t identify the fake picture. Siddharth says he has made a video and asks Pinto to handle everything carefully else he might die. Pinto asks them not to worry. Shabnam comes to Durgardevi and suffocates her neck, while blaming her for trying to stop her marriage. Roshni and Raghu reaches there. Raghu asks her to do auspicious thing on their marriage day, and asks Shabnam not to be a naughty girl. Shabnam says they are doing acting with me. Durgardevi says I don’t know what she is saying and calls someone.

Shabnam sees two phones with Raghu and thinks if he is double crossing her, and decides to find out. Roshni tells Siddharth that Shabnam is crossing her limits. Shabnam sends message on Siddharth’s number. Raghu says Shabnam wants to meet me and may be want to confess her crimes. Roshni says no. Siddharth says I will meet her in the warehouse. Sundari calls Raghu and asks him to have food with her hand for the last time before his marriage. He asks her to bring achaar. Shabnam thinks I won’t let him leave today. He is about to leave, just then Shabnam hits him on his head. He faints. She ties his hands and hides him. Shabnam leaves.

Roshni calls Raghu and tells Pinto why didn’t he come till now. Raghu gains consciousness and asks someone to open the door. Pinto tells Roshni that Shabnam came. They get tensed and hides. Shabnam enters and looks for Siddharth. She thinks if Raghu is playing game with me and scared if he is Siddharth. She says I will find out today and calls for Siddharth asking him to come in front of him.

Roshni asks Pinto to wear Siddharth’s coat and play his recorded dialogues to get her engaged for sometime. She asks him not to come in front of her. Pinto does as she says. Shabnam hears saying you came. Shabnam sees the light coming from the front and walks towards him.

Roshni comes home and wonders where Siddharth is? Just then she hears someone knocking on the door. Shabnam asks Siddharth to come in front of her. Siddharth asks her to confess her crimes. Shabnam says I know who you are and asks him to come in front of her. Siddharth says this is last phase of the game and asks her to enjoy. Shabnam sees his face and thinks Siddharth is really alive. Later, Pinto tells Siddharth that it is good that you came. Siddharth says Roshni found him at the right time and he reached here. He says I have to reach there before Shabnam reach home. Sundari asks where Raghu is? Shabnam goes inside the room and finds him tied and shouting for help. Raghu says that someone hit him on his head and that there must be a chudail in the house. Sundari asks Shabnam if she hit him on his head. Shabnam says no.


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