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Dear members and friends

We are forced to release this special edition of ZDDM STREET MESSAGE   to alert and warn you of the danger facing Zambia.

 As a Christian nation we pray to a living God and should not make a mistake of not acknowledging the fact that Satan is as real and that he has shrines where his people make evil curses against the nation and some individuals.

It is very important for Zambians to know that the evil and satanic forces which captured our forefathers like animal into slavery and later colonized us is now heavily funding some Zambians to desperately try to  hijack our independence and regain control of Zambia using the divide and rule strategy.

In order to disturb the declaration of Zambia as a Christian nation this evil force is channeling millions of dollars to heavily fund some political parties , NGOs , CBOs , some churches , media houses and some of the powerful individuals holding key positions in society .

 Some of the people running these organizations and innocent looking individuals are actually witches and demons in human form whose area of specialization is promoting hate, destruction and division. They are preoccupied with undermine elected government and promoting antagonistic agendas.

They are powerful men and women occupying key areas of influence in society which they use to spin lies and insults aimed at maximizing stress and hate in the minds of Zambians.

Their aim is to ensure that they break the culture of love and unity in the nation. They don’t want a united nation because this can make Zambia strong and that the people can not only end poverty but also use the huge untapped reservoir of raw materials to prosper.

They want Zambians to continue fighting each other like stupid idiots while their masters take control of our natural wealth which they need for their industries and even take over our land to expand their economies.

The evil force is using the local witches to effect what they term as ”Constructive destruction” in Zambia which involves breaking the moral , spiritual , social and economic fiber of the country by creating political division, engineering the creation of widespread poverty and silently use bacteria welfare by creating outbreaks of hard to treat diseases like Cholera , Aids and TB to reduce the population and justify their coming into Zambia as peacemakers.

It’s most unfortunate that Zambia has already allowed these organizations and individuals on foreign payroll to influence and control the agenda in the nation while those of us championing nationalist agendas are sidelined even by the public media and systematically eliminated.

 If Zambia had a sharp and investigative media it would have already discovered that the nation has not only lost many nationalist political leaders but even brilliant journalists who went close to unveiling the neo-colonialism scheme at work.

The lives of many Political leaders and journalists who should have been alive today were cut short by this same force which also desparately tried to stop the wish of late President Michael Chilufya Sata for President Edgar Changwa Lungu to assume the presidency.

Every Zambian saw how the local agents of this evil force shamelessly and ruthlessly fought against President Lungu in 2015 and the last election.

It must be clear to many people that Zambian politics have really been reduced into a spiritual war. It may sound foolish to none believers but those with a spiritual eye saw how every God fearing Zambian rose to support President Lungu while a hate and propaganda driven group has clearly manifested. The language of this group is ever cynical.

The truth should be told that Patriotic Front on its own as party was and is still no march for this evil force with a bottomless pocket of money and lies.

We are happy to continue supporting President Edgar Changwa Lungu because he is a God given leader in State House at the right time to save Zambia from the forces of darkness which are still trying to take advantage of the effects of climate change and the economic hardship created by the global economic meltdown to drag Zambia into the pit of self destruction or to Armageddon as they term it.

We are also happy that President Lungu has openly admitted that life for every Zambian including himself is going to get tough. TRUE. He has even foregone half of his salary which was already eaten up by 10% to the Church and another 10% to the marketer’s fund. This is a sacrifice which must be appreciated greatly as it is a clear demonstration of his desire to serve the nation whole heartedly.

 Those with open eyes to see can see that the whole world is under-going an era of confusion and pain. This is not limited to Zambia.

As a matter of fact Zambia is very luck in that what the people are going through cannot be compared to what happening in other countries already hit by the Armageddon where people are actually killing each other every day.

This evil force is using every trick in the book to create an antagonistic atmosphere hence our appeal to the government to reconsider putting a hold on the new trend of demolishing houses especially where people have settled for many years .This is done in some cases to benefit individuals and in some cases foreign nationals. This trend is really breeding a passionate hate and anger in innocent Zambians who might have fallen victim to corrupt officers.

We are also aware of Principal civil servants in learning institutions and people who keeps on telling workers not to ‘Cry” because they choose suffering when they voted for the PF and President Lungu.

These agents of the evil force are very educated Zambians in society and the government system that know and understand the global economic meltdown and climate change yet they want to keep people misinformed and blaming government on this situation which is beyond control.

These are satanic politics being championed by this force which even opposed the idea of holding a national day of prayer.

Zambia Direct Democracy Movement-ZDDM has openly continued to support President Edgar Changwa Lungu and the beautiful rainbow of God fearing Zambians and many truth loving opposition parties which have teamed up with the Patriotic Front. PF has proved to be a tower of light and an umbrella sheltering Christians who support the declaration of Zambia as a Christian nation.

ZDDM is proud of identifying with this peace loving population and institutions like Radio Christian Voice whose prayers have saved Zambia from the jaws of the forces of darkness breathing darkness in everything and everywhere.

Our friendship with the President Lungus rainbow team however does not mean that we have abandoned what we stand for as ZDDM.

 In national interest we have shelved our agenda to join the bigger army which is defending our nation against this evil force which is getting more desperate by the day that it is becoming more difficult for anybody to predict it next weapon of destruction.

Otherwise ZDDM maintains its fight for “a Zambia for all Zambians” and our belief that Zambian land belong to Zambians. Foreigners may always be welcome with open hands for as long as they respect Zambia and its people.

Our party is totally against the allowing of foreign sponsored organizations continuing behaving like crocodiles which shed tears before consuming their victims.

We have no tolerance for evil people who spin lies and insult others on the social media or indeed corrupt traffic officers who continue to extort money from motorists.

 Late President Levy Mwanawasa once observed that Zambians have very short memories and it’s against this background that in this special edition we would like to remind Zambians of a small piece of history to help those with national interest at heart to appreciate ZDDM and its advocacy for a new national political order and a Mother of Referendum.

In this Mother of referendum we shall want Zambians to choose between the current multiparty system and a direct democracy mode of democracy.

Direct Democracy may sound new to many people yet it is our own pure Zambian traditional democracy because its government structures spread right down to committees in each village , township ,district and province where every citizen can freely participate in governance .

 In our political system the people in their location will meet in specific committees which we call Nsaka to decide on the way forward on issues affecting them directly.

Every community will have a Nsaka in line with every government ministry for example those in the educational committee in each village or township which will have a record of all the children in the village and know how many go to school, the orphans who need help ,how teachers in school are doing their work and many other issues which at the end go into the national data bank.

The security committee will have a record of all the people in their township that it will know every new resident and what they are doing in life.

This will also go for the health committee which will monitor issues related to the health issues in their community while the sports committee will be preoccupied with promoting sport.

As can be seen from this brief explanation we know that Zambia under Direct Democracy will be more organized and every citizen will have a chance to participate fully in national development unlike in the current arrangement where participation in governance is determined by issues like education and financial power.

While appreciating the law which requires that candidates for any elective position must hold a grade 12 certificate we believe that this is defeating the essence of democracy and undemocratic because there many citizens without this qualification who can make better leaders.

Education and money power are very important in governance but the truth is that wisdom and leadership have more to do with nature and experiences that merely holding an academic paper.

Zambia needs good, honest and God fearing leaders and ZDDM believes that this law must be thrown back for review because it is a discriminatory law.

ZDDM believes and agree with the decision made by the UNIP government when they introduced the one party participatory democracy mode of democracy because Zambia is not ready for multi-party democracy.

It is our strong belief that our former colonial masters have not acted in good faith when they encouraged African countries to adopt their multi-party mode of democracy because our political environments are very different from theirs.

Multiparty politics works very well in developed countries where the large population is educated and fully aware of the need of standing together as a nation and in an environment where people are already living above the animal like level of daily searching for food.

The majority population of Africans live in abject poverty that they are more preoccupied with survival. We don’t have ideological difference which are the bedrock of multi-party politics. The fight and true enemy facing the people here is the unnecessary widespread poverty in our rich nation.

What the Zambians need is debating on how to put their heads together and find solutions to the serious problem of identifying the resources around them and how they can best utilize them to their  advantage.

There is an old sayings of “United we stand and divided we fall” which we want Zambians to remember.

The truth which nobody can dispute is that Zambia is one of the richest and best countries to live in on earth and there is simply no justification for only a few citizens to hold power and wealth while the majority population of it people are wallowing in abject poverty.

Zambians who follow politics may recall that as Zambia Direct Democracy Movement-ZDDM we tried unsuccessfully to bring all the political parties together with the aim of paving grounds for the formation of a Government of National Unity and how we on 3rdOctober,2013  travelled to Ikelenge with my vice president Mr Charles Kafumbo to launch what we called ‘Operation Save Zambia” whose main component was to start the collection of signatures to persuade former President Rupiah Bwezani Banda popularly known as RB to come back to active politics and help us lay a foundation for this  all inclusive GNU.

Please take note of the fact that this was in the Sata era and that President Edgar Changwa Lungu was nowhere in the picture at this point in time .

We have no explanation but know that we were just spiritually inspired to travel from Lusaka to Ikelenge for the launch of our campaign at the humble and insignificant source of the mighty Zambezi river.

Our prayer was that God should make our campaign as a humble and insignificant party started at that humble and insignificant site should grow into a mighty force like the same river-Zambezi.

For reasons beyond our understanding we even issued statements in 2014 like ‘John the Baptist in the desert” urging Zambians to prepare for a new political dawn.

The story ended up with us as ZDDM and RB abandoning our idea and supporting President Edgar Changwa Lungu.

We have no regret at all because it is now clear that God had his own plan when he inspired us to travel to Mwinilunga to launch a campaign which ended up bringing into reality the conviction which he put on the heart of President Sata before he left us.

Our appeal to every God fearing Zambian is that we must not allow the forces of darkness to cheat us into the satanic trick of hating each other because we are all his children.

Let us continue to pray for each other as our lord and savior Jesus Christ told us and also give a special prayer for his anointed servant President Edgar Changwa Lungu and his family they must remain protected from the evil schemes of this evil force and that God may continue to give him courage and wisdom to steer Zambia to his glory.

May God send back to the senders all the satanic and witchcraft spells which they continue to make on their satanic shrines because the God of Zambia we serve as a nation is a mighty God.





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5 Responses to ZDDM November special street message

  1. There is nothing Godly about rigging an election and when you call other people as evil YOU NEED TO BE BORN AGAIN.

    November 21, 2016 at 2:00 pm

  2. This is a very stupid article. Lungu lungu lungu bla bla bla bla. You think lungu was sent by God. His team is full of evil. Get real

    John zimba
    November 21, 2016 at 3:23 pm

  3. MR SAKALA,what you should know is that:injustice is satanic.The problem i have seen with this man is,he regards ECL to be so innocent of all the immoral things he has done.Lawlessness and illegalities have increased under ECL’s reign.So start praying for Lungu that he stops these satanic deeds.

    The priest
    November 21, 2016 at 3:58 pm

  4. Mwalapena this is proof that after rigging the elections you thought it will be easy going.Weve given you enough rope to hang yourselves dununa regret

    fox trot alpha
    November 21, 2016 at 8:46 pm

  5. Useless article

    macky jayson
    November 22, 2016 at 5:26 am

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