Zambian Breweries toasts production boom at first staff sales conference

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Zambian Breweries is looking forward to an even brighter 2018 after holding its first national sales conference for commercial staff.

The firm toasted a “thunderous” last 12 months which saw it celebrate a year of super growth as the brewing company expanded its production capacity to reach more consumers with the best brands and prices in the market.

The opening of the malting plant and the new packaging line in Ndola plant hugely contributed to the increase in output.

Addressing the Zambian Breweries team during a sales conference, AB InBev African CEO Ricardo Tadeu said: “Growing means we are healthy and productive. I am happy to be part of this super energised Zambian Breweries team, which is posting the best growth rates among our Africa Zone countries in the last quarter

“Be proud of your success and hard work. I am happy to be here in Zambia to join this super thunderous team of Zambian Breweries. Growth in the business is a huge benefit to both the country’s economy and society.”

Tadeu was also very happy with developments in the new Eagle Lager. “Eagle is a great African innovation and is becoming more and more recognised in Africa. We need to make Eagle Lager great everywhere.

“I look forward to such a day that we can even export African beers to other continents.”

Top corporate executives and Zambian Breweries staff enjoyed a lunch at the Radisson Blue Hotel in Lusaka where the company’s impressive strides in staff training and team building were recognised.

Zambian Breweries’ Country Director Jose Moran also commented on the work the firm has done to strengthen the positive role it plays within the nation: “We want a healthy energised country which is very productive and efficient. That’s the kind of culture we have embraced at Zambian Breweries.

“We had such a proactive role with community in 2017 through our corporate social responsibility activities like the cassava farming, local sourcing with malting plant investments, the Manja Pamodzi recycling project and the smart drinking campaigns in place, which will continue in full force this year.”

The brewing company continues to make headway with a significant and positive impact in communities by providing affordable clear beers with low percentages of alcohol.

The growth in Zambians Breweries’ capacity indicates how people are moving away from illegal alcohol such as Tujilijili with very high percentages. The growth of the brewing company is a positive move, enabling Zambians to be responsible in choosing the alcoholic drinks they consume.

The Zambian Breweries’ “super energised” team looks forward to 2018 as a year of even bigger growth and community responsibility.


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