Zambia has Technocrats who don’t think

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Lusaka City

By Yande Mwale

We will continue moving in circles if we don’t get to have radical thinkers holding positions of decision making in Central government and critical institutions such as BOZ.

I have tried to get the rationale behind the way we do things in this country but I can’t seem to understand a thing. Could someone kindly explain to me why we should have foreign haulage companies transporting copper from Zambia to coastal destinations where it is further shipped to global commodities markets?

Has anyone done some research on how much this costs us in terms of job opportunities that we would have created for Zambian drivers if it was local transporters that would have been the major players in copper transportation and how much tax is foregone since the foreign haulage companies pay tax from the income gained from transporting our copper in their respective countries of residency – what about the dollar we would keep in Zambia as profit?

We go all the way to Kenya and South Africa to import huge qualities of fruit juices – Afia, Pick-N-Peel, Fruitree, you name it but our mangoes, masuku, quavas go to waste year in and year out!!!

It’s so painful to be Zambian and realize we should have been far economically. How does a nation develop when it’s people have no economic role that they play apart from being consumers?

We used to assemble vehicles at some point but now import pegs and toothpicks made of bamboo from China. Surely there are people who benefit from this mess otherwise I can’t find any rational reason why this has been permitted to go on.

We can’t even supply water to our people yet Kafue river is less than Sixty kilometers from Lusaka but money to give interest free loans to buy VXs V8 Landcruisers for our so called Representatives is always found.

We have a lot of educated technocrats who don’t think in this country.


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  1. The whole system is rotten. Kaunda was the only man of integrity. We went to.School and our parents did not pay as long as one performed.well. KK promoted meritocracy to enter UNZA and to get.a job. These days it’s based on money and connections. Politicians have no integrity whatsoever. The end result is there for all to see. Our people cross toads like rats even when a designated crossing point is just next to them! Jesus please come and burn our politicians whose pre OCcupation is not on serving their masters but themselves and their families. They have no integrity.

    December 27, 2016 at 5:47 am

  2. A big part of the problem is that Zambian education is too theoretical. Many Zambians have got impressive academic and professional credentials that they do not know how to convert in value for themselves and the country at large. Most well educated people in this country either work in formal employment or lecture in higher learning institutions. Unfortunately, they do not innovate or invent anything.

    Another problem is the politics. It tends to be quite shallow. Because institutions are weak, the direction our country takes when it comes to embracing proper development strategies can easily change depending on who is in State House. Under a proper system, it should not be possible for one President to come and destroy everything in a few years that others have worked hard to put together.

    Advanced 1
    December 27, 2016 at 9:49 am

  3. Our education system is not practically oriented. When a student graduates, they all rash to look for jobs and very few venture into enterpreneurship. None ever apply their theoretical skills into practice. In the industry, you cant tell a graduate from a craftsman except for the titles and positions.
    Politicians are also a let down. they are only there to enrich themselves at all costs

    December 27, 2016 at 12:41 pm


    January 5, 2017 at 6:03 am

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