World War III is postponed! (but it came very close)

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By Proinsias Mac Pheadair

The actions recently of the world’s most notorious arms dealer Dr. Moosa bin Shamsher (73) and former Chairman of Donald Trump’s election campaign Paul Manafort (68) are believed to have prevented an American nuclear attack on North Korea from which America, surprisingly, would have come out worst.

For some time, Trump had been building momentum and gaining international support in preparation to nuke North Korea. The plans came to an abrupt halt when Trump received a letter from Dr. Moosa that was hand-delivered to him by Manafort.

The letter told Trump in no uncertain terms to “back-off” because North Korea is the most powerful nuclear country in the world and Kim Jong-Un had the power to totally annihilate the entire USA in less than an hour. Moosa sent a similar warning letter to Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

“I’m sure Kim Jong-Un was laughing down his sleeve at the threats from Trump and Abe, they not knowing the facts,” Dr. Moosa said. “North Korea has the power to bring the entire world to its knees,” he added.

That was one of many secrets his former business partner, friend, and renowned Saudi Arabian arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi shared with him prior to his death in June. Khashoggi, who like Shamsher, are listed among the 10 Most Notorious Arms Dealers in the world, had brokered the nuclear deals and knew the awesome capabilities.

To prevent disaster, Moosa become the first arms dealer in history to break the code of silence that has bonded the controversial profession from its inception.

“Knowing what I know, my conscience would not allow me to remain silent, watch America reduced to ashes and millions die, when it’s preventable,” he said.

The multi-billionaire flamboyant arms dealer, who wears diamonds on his shoes, wrote a stern letter of warning to Trump telling him in plain language to “back-off” or the American people would suffer horrific consequences.

Former Trump campaign chairman, veteran lobbyist and lawyer, Paul Manafort Jr., had hand-delivered the letter to Trump before he was charged with conspiring against the United States, indicated on miscellaneous other charges, and put under house arrest.

Manafort, who’s been a friend of Dr. Shamsher for 30-years and had been a guest at Shamsher’s luxurious palace residence in Dhaka, now faces 80 years in jail, if convicted on all charges. To his credit, however, he may inadvertently have helped save the lives of millions and helped prevent World War III.

Dr. Shamsher has been in celebration mode since receiving a phone call from the White House confirming Trump’s policy had changed from ‘let’s nuke them now’ to ‘let’s sit down and have a powwow’.

“When I received my first payment of $100-million from an arms deal back in the 70s, I felt I had died and gone to Heaven. I thought it was impossible to match or better that feeling, but President Trump’s attitude change has surpassed that.

“Before the phone call, I was am extremely worried man, a bit of a nervous wreck, and wishing Adnan Khashoggi hadn’t told me.  I was carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders, but after the phone call I felt very relieved, ” he said.

While he’s no longer anxious about North Korea, he said his fears continue for Iran and Saudi Arabia.

Iran and Saudi Arabia

He fears the existing conflict between both Muslim countries could worsen.

“Iran is the second most powerful nuclear country in the world and is capable of destroying Saudi Arabia between prayer times,” he said.

“I am gravely concerned for the safety of the people of Saudi Arabia, the Islamic Holy sites in Mecca, Medina, Jeddah and such holy places as-well-as for the Saudi Royal family, whom I’ve known, admired, and who’ve extended great friendship to me over 40 years.

“Adnan, a Saudi, told me if Saudi Arabia pushed Iran to the wall, which they are presently in the process of doing; Iran might retaliate, and release their ICBM weapons of mass destruction, believing it, or justifying the action in their minds, to be the will of Allah.

“To prevent, perhaps, the greatest Islamic war in history, it’s essential dialogue reigns supreme, and common-sense prevails.

“By bringing my letter to the attention of President Trump, Paul Manafort has inadvertently performed a great service to mankind, especially the United States of America, and possibly prevented World War III, but personally I won’t be truly happy until the Iran and Saudi Arabian differences are sorted,” he added.

(The writer is a former newspaper and magazine publisher and editor




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