Who is this Iris Kaingu Zambians are talking about?

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Paxina Mumba writes:

A friend of mine in Australia and Greece asked me who Iris is that a lot of Zambians are talking about. Let me copy their questions.


“What is all the hoo ha about Iris. It has gone viral”.


“Who is Iris that a lot of Zambians are crucifying”.

So here is my answer even to those who haven’t asked but may want to ask. Iris Kaingu is a Politician’s daughter who once was in a sex video scandal that went viral and as a politician daughter was used by a lot of Jobless retards and since then her life has become a media publicity especially by petty people who have nothing much going on in their lives. With so much negativity around her, her parents sent her to school overseas and she returned with a degree, now managing a company and doing great for her age. A few months ago, she acquired her 1st car from her pocket, a Germany machine but critics were busy comforting themselves how cheap the car is where she bought online.

Of course like all of us she is not perfect and in her last semi nude art pictures, one attached, some people blamed the west for the collapse of our African cultural and values. Talk of blame games and hypocrisy as you may realise the values and cultural of some Africans as in picture 2.


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