Who is mad between EL and Siwale?

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Fresher Siwale

By Kasemashila Kaseba

EL last week publicly said if he answered mad people questioning his citizenship, then he would also be mad as he continued ranting replies and in a few hours ordered the police to abduct “mad” Siwale and PF propaganda machine went into overdrive to say Siwale is mad in order to cover EL’s loss of the madness challenge.

According to the law, we do not arrest mad people except for their safety and medication.

Siwale had been detained without charge or food or lawyers or visitors or medication for more than 48 hours in different places including Lilayi Police College except at Chainama Hills Hospital which is not far from his home and now not far from New Chelston Police Station.

A mad person cannot defame any normal person much less a normal president to even stand in court before a normal judge to answer the question of defamation of a normal president.

Which is which, is Siwale mad or EL is an alien?
Why did police house search to seize a mad man’s

PF has really lost its self-awareness.

Well, PF founder MCS often quoted, “Those whom the gods wish to destroy they first make mad.”

BTW, Siwale is also former PF member who worked with MCS when EL was unknown. So, beware, current PF member or cadre.

Again, who is mad between EL and Siwale?


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