Who is a true Zambian?

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1. Can a true Zambian call for the removal of details of our roots from the NRC?

2. Can a true Zambian prioritize Chinese over Zambians in land ownership?

3. Can a truly cultured Zambian send thugs to beat up innocent mourners at a grave yard?

4. Can a true Zambian fell to understand the meaning of “ubomba mwi bala alya mwi bala”?

5. Can a true Zambian steal from a widow?

6. Can a true Zambian divide the nation?

7. Can a true Zambian incite war over a non-incident in Namwala?

8. Can a true Zambia disregard the constitution?

9. Can a true Zambian fail to end violence in his party?

10. Can a true Zambia condone the attack of girls and mothers by Kampyongo’s thugs?

We know each other as Zambians, peaceful, respectful, honest and patriotic.

Richard W


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