What is really our priority as a country?

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President Lungu (left) with Bowman Lusambo and Security Chiefs

We wonder the quality of advisors surrounding the President.The day our leaders will have an art of critical thinking is a day will see development in this country.

If our leaders in Zambia really are chosen by God,then God have not been for to us because the quality of reasoning of our leaders leaves much to be desired.

We fail to develop as a country not because we have no natural and human resource, but the people we have entrust in public offices to look after us surely lack priorities.

As much as we appreciate it’s a part of a democratic process to have a by-election in chilanga constituency, it is unnecessary for the ruling PF to participate the fact that they already have more than 2/3 of MPs in parliament.

Just imagine the ruling PF are willing to rape and plunder the economy just to send an individual to parliament, just to be raising hands .They are willing to channel all govt machinery just to make an individual win an election and get a K1 million ($ 100,000 ) gratuity after 3 years.

What is really our priority as a country? We all know the greatest enemy for this country is poverty.If the ruling PF meant well for the people of Chilanga they would have said ,We will not going to participate in a by-elections instead the money meant for campaigns shall be channed towards building a clinic or a school for the people of Chilanga .

Vincent Chaile

President for Radical Revolutionary Party


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