We will stand up for Zambia again and again – Pilato

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Musician-cum-human rights activist Pilato has remained defiant following his arrest, along with five others, for staging a peaceful demonstration against the PF government’s corruption and the purchase of 42 fire engines at a whooping US$42 million.

Pilato, who was released from police detention around midnight yesterday after being arrested by police together with Joint Action for Accountability in Zambia (JAAZ) pioneer Laura Miti and four others, states that Zambia is his home and his responsibility, vowing that he would stand up for it “again and again”.

“One day we will ask ourselves, how did we get here? It will be too late because by then our voices will be faint and our ears blocked. We will try to stand up and fight but all those that would have helped us fight will not be there anymore. Then we will ask ourselves, how did we get here? We were released last night. Thank you very much for your prayers and support. Zambia is our home, it is our responsibility. We will stand up for it again and again,” Pilato wrote on his Facebook page.

Pilato, Miti, Mika Mwambazi, Sean Tembo, Lewis Mwape,  and Bonwell Mwewa were arrested and charged with disobeying lawful orders after they refused to call off their peaceful protest at Parliament, which coincided with the presentation of the 2018 national budget by finance minister Felix Mutati. But they were released around midnight on K2,000 bond, a rare act by the police as most people arrested are never released at night.

Pilato, whose birth name is Chama Fumba, is no stranger to being arrested for no good reason. His arrest in 2015 for poking fun at President Edgar Lungu in his wildly popular song ‘Alungu Anabwela’ made international headlines.

Meanwhile, political commentator Sishuwa Sishuwa says Pilato, Miti and others were detained without cause as police were unsure of what charge to lay against them.


3 Responses to We will stand up for Zambia again and again – Pilato

  1. Really what are “lawful” orders?.Which LAW did they break or disobey?.If NO LAW was broken or disobeyed,then what LAWFUL ORDERS DID THE PF POLICE GIVE?.If anything it’s the PF Police who are disobeying and breaking the law by misapplying it.

    The Legal Mind
    September 30, 2017 at 7:24 pm

    • @ Indeed what “lawful orders” is the PF Police talking about?.Infact the police are supposed to give orders which are backed by the law with proper legal interpretation.In this case it’s actually the PF Police who are giving unlawful orders.It’s NOT LEGAL to obey unlawful orders.Otherwise who become an accomplice of illegality and wrong doing with this PF Police.God save Zambia from these criminals in police uniform

      The Political Analyst
      September 30, 2017 at 7:33 pm

  2. In Zambia under ECL’s watch Corruption is thriving and is encouraged from the Top. Lungu and his Election Riggers are in Power and on a Mission to self enrich themselves at the expense of the masses.Lungu and his PF Leadership believe in 100% tolerance towards Corruption. They are competing in getting rich thru corrupt deals.As the Chinese say the Fish Rots from the Head downwards.The Head of State is protecting his corrupt Ministers and there is no attempt to hide their corruption activities.This is Leadership failure at its best.

    October 1, 2017 at 5:17 am

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