We ‘ve not forgotten Kampyongo’s broad day light robbery – Kambwili

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Chishimba Kambwili writes:

We have not forgotten about Stephen Kampyongo’s involvement in the broad day light robbery with regards to the fire tender. We are still waiting for the great national youth chairman to explain to us exactly what was going through his mind and stomach when signing tax payers money off to his friends. Kampyongo must explain to the nation why in the world he would agree to $42 million dollars on basic second hand Scania Fire Engines. After explaining to the nation why in his own capacity he thought that a fire engine can cost $1million (K10 million) he must then tell the nation why he accepted 3 vehicles as a bribe.

The President did say he has corrupt minister(s) which is plural, I think this is who he meant because this broad daylight robbery has exceeded the mark, it was done with a selfish heart and extreme impunity from someone entrusted with a section of governance. If these allegations are untrue can the Minister go ahead and sue me in the courts of law, but if they are true he better keep quiet, look down, hang is head in shame and resign from government because Zambians are not happy with his selfishness and it has dented the image of the president and party at large. If this was in the UK or any developed country the minister would either resign or the head of state would take action on behalf of the poor citizens he claims to serve.

Instead of Kampyongo mocking people like me with diabetes, he must just explain his involvement in the fire tender that has brought absolute shame on our beloved country, Zambians are not interested in character assassination or threats of me being bruised. Just answer the question it is quite simple and straight forward.

Patiently waiting for a proper justification and not the jibba jabba given to us in parliament as if we are small children. Can the president act on Kampyongo and all the people involved in this scam. Failure of the President to act on this obvious looting will leave much to be desired in relation to his integrity and his will to fight corruption.


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  1. The Firefighters Protestors have been arrested to protect those who benefitted from the Corrupt Deal. The corrupt Lungu govt has failed to justify why one Fire Tender should cost $1 million.Why is govt failing to reveal the bidders and how the Winning Bid was selected? Kampyongo did not eat alone is this deal.He shared the corruption proceeds with the Powers that be.Its obvious CK’s Corruption No.1 is a beneficiary hence Kampyongo has not been arrested for being bribed with 3 Luxury Vehicles. The fish rots from the Head downwards.ECL and his fellow criminals are enjoying stolen power with the sole purpose of self enrichment.The man is on a Mission to be the quickest and rising millionaire Head of State. The man is corrupt to the Core.

    September 30, 2017 at 4:56 am

  2. People can now see through the Shiwa’Ngandu incidents of trying to bring down the opposition chopper during campaigns,The opposition were threatening “pakalilo”,People must rest be assured,”the corrupt will never live to enjoy the rewards”,unless you say God is a liar.

    October 1, 2017 at 2:28 pm

  3. Ifyakulya ubushiku fitulikila kumalushi . Umwaiche ekalisha ilyo Anya. Kolwe ashilabengwa ,endanaponona . Inshimba ishilanyela mupeto ikonke inshila . Ifilala fyamunda Yanama , ifyamunda yamuntu tafilala . Umulandu ,taubola . Lungu and Kampyongo This are wise words I can give .

    October 3, 2017 at 5:41 am

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