We still have a chance – Numba

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Zambia Under-20 coach Mumamba Numba says Zambia still has a chance to qualify to the semi finals if they beat Swaziland on Monday in their final Group A match at Nkana Stadium.

And Malawi coach Gerald Phiri heaped praise on his lads for drawing 0-0 all with host and defending champions Zambia.
In a post match press conference Numba said that his charges accounted themselves very well in the match against the junior flames.

“We still have a chance, we still have another game, if we win that game, looking at the results of our colleagues we might qualify,” he said.
“I think what is important is to look at the development of the young boys they still have a long way to go. They have shown that they have what it takes to play football and represent mother Zambia very well.”

Numba expressed disappointment with the fans that turned against the team in the final stages of the match.

“I have been in football for a long time, I think it is not the first time that our own people were booing their own team. We expect that in football but for the young boys it may disturb them mentally,” Numba said,

“They have to be encouraged these young boys…once the fans turn against them it is very difficult to play football. As coaches we know our Zambian fans, they turn when results are not coming. We know them, they only cheer the team when they are winning.”

Zambia will now focus on its final group match against Swaziland on Monday at Nkana Stadium.
Numba and his bench is using an U-17 squad that they are building to take the 2019 Africa Cup challenge.

Most of the players in the squad are from the U-17 team that won the Cosafa championship in Mauritius in July.

Group C
Angola 0 Namibia 1 (Mungendje 14’)

Group A
Uganda 2 (Shaban 30’, Okello 52’) Swaziland 2 (Tsabedze 24’, Mamba 90’)
Malawi 0 Zambia 0

Group B
11h30 (09h30 GMT): Egypt vs Mauritius – Nkana Stadium
14h30 (12h30 GMT): Mozambique vs South Africa – Nkana Stadium


3 Responses to We still have a chance – Numba

  1. Numba u are to blame u mean previus under 20 were of same age 2 be taken 2 under 23

    December 10, 2017 at 11:01 am

  2. “Zambia Under-20 coach Mumamba Numba says Zambia still has a chance to qualify to the semi finals if they beat Swaziland on Monday in their final Group A match at Nkana Stadium.”

    Here we go again! Bbola ya nsamushi pa Zed!

    December 10, 2017 at 2:45 pm

  3. The football association management system is to blame for all this football mess and embarrassment Zambia has found its self in.
    1. A winning coach who understands the pressure of the under twenty category was moved without a transitional backup plan. Mr Chambeshi understands the terrain and knows what it takes to be champion. Why was he removed if the Football administrators value that a good foundation is key for positive continuity. It’s clear to me that Mr Kananga is not a critical thinker,because in this case he should have left Mr Chambeshi who understands the terrain to continue at least for a very good period of time so that the supply line to the senior team is kept very well nourished.
    2. Mr Numba has been rushed into that position. He could have done better at under 17 team. Mr Numba is not a mature coach to continue at the under twenty level. Worse still playing at home adds 99percent pressure on these players. Mr Numba is not a thoughtful strategist. All these simple but critical reasons were ignored. Today Zambia will be ejected off a tournament which is in our soil. This is very annoying and Mr Kamanga should stop hiding behind a smoke screen but should take full responsibility for this unforgettable shameful experience.
    My advice is immediately return Mr Chambeshi a thorough thinker and strategist to continue at the under twenty level for at least five years and the nation won’t regret the outcome of such a move.
    2. Leave Mr Wedson Nyirenda with Mr Chiyangi at senior team level.Bring Mr Chiyangi at that level because those two brains put together are an excellent recipe for greater results at senior level.
    3. Shut Mr Numba to the under 17 level and allow at least five years at that level.
    4. FAZ should stop experiments which cost the nation dearly. When a winning formula is discovered,please don’t discard it to reinvent another,but improve on it. I can tell you that to bring Mr Numba at under twenty level was a serious demerit to the nation.
    Lastly may I say let’s not bury our heads into the sand and blame the boys but put the correct administrative measures as suggested above.
    I am a keen follower of Zambian Football since 1971. I know what am talking about.

    December 10, 2017 at 3:40 pm

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