“We are being ruled by MMD reloaded”

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Former president Rupiah Banda with President Lungu at one of the campaign rallies

By David Kapoma

The other day I promised that I was going to explain how I feel that the PF is no longer in power, but my thoughts were overtaken by events.

Now that I have made my submissions to the government through the Minister of Local Government regarding the effects cholera has on the economy, I wish to proceed with my thoughts on this matter.

I want to start by asking some questions that require answers from the Patriotic Front;

1. Why is it that all those that are from the MMD now serving under the PF government are not being attacked the way true PF members like Tutwa Ngulube and Harry Kalaba are being attacked? Why are the MMD ministers in PF very comfortable?

2. Why is it that nothing has happened to Mutati after the protest by PF members and giving him a two weeks ultimatum to either resign or join PF?

3. Why is president Lungu ever reluctant to discipline the MMD ministers. Why do they seem to be untouchable?

4. Why is it that most sensitive ministries have been given to MMD members? Finance, Foreign Affairs, Local Government, National Planning, Agriculture and others that I can’t remember because of the Cholera.

The questions are many but just these four questions must be able to ring a bell in the minds of the true greens. Genuine PF members have been used to protest and ask those who are true PF members to resign. After Hon. Kalaba resigned, some disgruntled young men and women where used to protest and submit petitions to the party requesting that the Honourable MP must resign. What they did not know was the fact that they were shooting in the dark. The man is way ahead than them.

The PF Secretary General is blinded. He can’t see anything beyond his nose. He is being used to finish his own party but he can’t see that. He is so blinded to the point that even if we produce his own name on a piece of paper he may not recognise it.

What game is MMD playing? They want to frustrate every genuine PF member and turn the green party to blue. If they take charge of the party, any of the RB boys can challenge Edgar Lungu at the convention and before we know it we shall have an MMD president running the PF fully.

But this is the same MMD that the Zambians rejected which is now regrouping. Why are we Zambians so sleepy that we can’t see that we are slowly going back to our own vomit? The PF now has 16 of its NCC members who are MMD. What can stop these people from pushing their own agenda? Does president Lungu know What is happening or maybe he is the one pushing for it?

Do the Zambian people want to have the MMD back in power? Are we having a shortage of leadership?

Yes I know some of the MMD ministers are very hardworking but definitely not the likes of Dora.

I am hoping that the PF can quickly realise the mistake they are making. Fighting their own people will take them to an early grave politically. If the PF think Hon. Kalaba is someone to mess with they should ask Tutwa Ngulube and Kampyongo.


4 Responses to “We are being ruled by MMD reloaded”

  1. They came from MMD:
    1 . Sata
    2 Scott .
    3. Masebo
    5. GBM
    7. Nalumango
    8. Dipak
    .etc. to name but a few.
    So please there is no true Green right from the origin of the party.

    January 16, 2018 at 11:21 pm

    • The so-called ‘True Greens’ are being weeded off by the MMD to paralyse the PF. That is the result of myopic decisions made by the PF to enter into a ‘Marriage’ of convenience’ with the devil for the sole purpose of winning elections. This is a case of an Arab and a camel. Good for you PF.

      January 17, 2018 at 8:12 am

    • Come on Michelo let us argue intelligently, ba Sata came up with a new party called PF if you have read between the lines of what David Kapoma is trying to voice out you will understand what he means? so for you to group up ba Sata wesu with die hard MMDs is not making sense at all, ba Sata right now is not at peace of what ba Lungu is doing to PF, he is busy kicking out all PF founder members and replacing them with MMD people he is a traitor, a double dealer and insincerity what a shame he is killing PF slowly but sure..arise true PF people and fight for your survival.

      January 24, 2018 at 4:39 pm

  2. If the founder himself came from mid then it’s fine. Secondly it’s about quality ministers, face it man true green has no material to talk about. Take your time and look at their creditials, you can find it on the parliament.gov.zm it’s a sorry situation.so strictly speaking we have been saved by the mmd reloaded after all we have no more time for experiments or just sharing money in the name of sharing jobs. We have one Zambia and we need to bring out the best. Even upnd there is no quality apart from mainly from from mmd as Mps.

    January 17, 2018 at 7:52 am

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