Use force on protesting PF Mazabuka Cadres – Siakalima

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Chirundu UPND Member of Parliament Douglas Siakalima has urged the police in Mazabuka to use maximum force on the PF Cadres protesting in Mazabuka.


Siakalima a vocal Parliamentarian says just like the police are ruthless on the UPND they should do the same on the PF Cadres.


Siakalima said this in a statement made available to Zambian Eye:




As UPND, we are very disappointed at the selective application of the law by the Zambia police Service.


There was a protest against a traffic police officer by the name of David Haluchiso in Mazabuka yesterday by Patriotic Front(PF) cadres and no police officer went to teargas them nor even use live bullets.



Today PF cadres are protesting against the Mazabuka DC and they are camped near the immigration offices and no action is being taken by the police.


This is what we mean when we say the Zambia police service is PF-cadre-driven and that it has lost its relevance to the people of Zambia.


The same police have been so forceful on UPND for simply cheering their the appearance of their leaders at the court and live ammunitions, which left one of supporter with a bullet , have been used.



We challenge the police to enforce the law equitably.The behavior of the police is creating disunity in the country.



We  wish to strongly warn that officers who misbehave in public office will one day be dealt with severely.


Issued by :


Douglas Siyakalima (MP)


9 Responses to Use force on protesting PF Mazabuka Cadres – Siakalima


    December 30, 2016 at 11:08 am

    • At times Political Leaders should be taking the blame for what happens to their cadres.In the recent case,UPND were clearly advised by the Judge not to bring Party Cadres to Court as the Case would be heard in Chambers.Why did the leadership of UPND ignore the advice and instead brought Bus Loads of Drunken Cadres who ended up destroying property at the Courts.Should the Police just offer HALLELUJAH PRAYERS!!!

      December 30, 2016 at 1:11 pm

      • What are you talking about, are you also a PF cadre? Are you one of the many PF murderers/ assailants who don’ t feel ashamed of what they do ? What provocation did the UPND cadres do at the court other than just singing songs of solidarity ? Whom did they attack apart from the fact that the so called Zambia Police who in their own correct right are PF cadres in uniform went to provoke the innocent souls through the ill, murderous instruction which they got from the top whoever that top is ? Stop passing rubbish comments which lack substance ‘cos what took place at the court in Lusaka was visibly witnessed by the masses and those who are unbiased can give a correct picture of what transpired. That day was going to be incident free if the police didn’ t provoke the situation. It’ s like you are all drunk with instructions from the top in the PF camp that is why even the courts, ECZ and ZNBC are failing to operate professionally because of fear from the top. F. OOLISH.

        Kwati Ba mano
        December 30, 2016 at 1:35 pm

  2. No Mr. Siakalima,that is not the essence of democracy or Policing the public. Vengeance should be directed at those who promised them plots to sale,a protest may harm innocent people. Let them go to a PF office and shout slogans.

    December 30, 2016 at 11:33 am

  3. That is very true and application of law in Zambia has assumed an alarming bias stage. It’ s like the PF and PF cadres many of whom hide in police uniform are the law on their own in this country. Had it been UPND cadres doing such nonsensical protesting, some one could already have been gunned down by the PF police cadres in uniform. That is why nowadays under PF rule, nearly three quarters of the serious crimes that are committed are actually done by the PF police and PF cadres and nobody is there to voice out because they are Edgar Lungu’ s agents. They can kill anyone and as long as the assailants bear the PF symbol, the matter shall be treated as okay and normal by the president and his government officials including the police. Today in this country under the Edgar Lungu government, it’ s a very serious and unbailable offence to belong to an opposition party. The only people who have got room in this country and furthermore, who are treated as genuine native Zambian citizens are the PF nodding head supporters. Anyone from the opposition is an alien, why ? Zambia and the Zambians could have been much better if the country remained under colonial rule up to now because things are getting more and more worse by the day. And who is going to redeem this country from the mess it’ s passing through under PF rule? Only God knows. Today, they think of nothing apart from ensuring that those in the opposition suffer more than before. But God is watching every evil deed that is taking place and one day, some one is going to pay the price.

    Cisi Canyonyooka
    December 30, 2016 at 11:35 am

  4. Mr. Siakalima – Just because they are protesting does not mean that force should be applied against them. Are the protesters violent and damaging property? If you are comparing with your cadres, they were not peaceful, damaged govt property, and you were all advised against bringing your cadres to court. When you make comparisons, make sure that you are comparing equivalent situations.

    December 30, 2016 at 4:46 pm

  5. Totally, totally unfair! Someone is really working very hard to bring chaos to this country!
    Who will be held responsible?
    The ones running the country, of course!
    UPND is not in power. They are being provoked and beaten or shot or tesrgassed whenever they react.
    What led to Chibulo’s death or rather shooting to kill the unarmed young lady?
    1. Cancelling a political rally at short notice at a time when the stakes were very high? People had already gathered and others were already streaming towards the venue. A police “permit” had been obtained. Would PF cadres have just walked away if it was the other way round? Never and their leaders know this for sure.
    2. Poiice command in their usual colonial/apartheid style sprung into action and shot the young led far away from the venue.
    3. The government blamed the girl for being found walking along the road towards the compound where the venue was. She could have been walking home and found herself in the confusion caused by the sudden cancellation of that rally by the PF government. Remember that the cabinet was still operating contrary to the constitutional provision for ministers to step down following dissolution of parliament. That means the PF was using state resources to disadvantage the other parties. You wonder why professional lawyers like NAREP’s Chipimo jr would keep so quiet over these matters! Instead he condemns UPND!!! Why??Seriously someone is bent on bringing harm to this country. If war broke out no one will be spared. Mr President please, yours is to run Zambia and not the PF party. Get this petition heard asap so that the country moves on regardless of the outcome. If there is a next time for you, get ECZ to do the right thing. Their unprofessionalism is not benefitting anyone, least of all you, who has to spend most of your valuable time putting down fires. Good governance benefits all.

    Leadership is a serious matter
    December 30, 2016 at 9:20 pm

  6. Do those cadres in Mazabuka have a police “permit” by the way?

    Leadership is a serious matter
    December 30, 2016 at 9:25 pm

  7. What is being applied in Zambia? Is it ‘Rule of law’ or ‘Rule by law’?

    The Great Intellectual
    December 31, 2016 at 1:41 pm

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