UPND should be commended for successfully leading ZCID for 7 years – Lubinda

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HH with GBM and Lubinda

Justice Minister Given Lubinda says the oppisition UPND should be commended for successfully leading the Zambia Centre for Interparty Dialogue for “an unbreakable period of seven years” and the successes which the centre scored under their tenure.

And Lubinda says consesus on who should lead the political dialogue process can only be reached by sitting down to diacuss and not a causal chat at a feeling station.
The Minister who officially opened the second National Democratic Stakeholders Summit at Mulungushi International Conference Centre on Tuesday said the oppodition UPND should be commended for scoring a number of successes during their Chairmanship of ZCID including the holding the first ever National Democratic Stakeholders Summit.
He explained that it was under the Chairmanship of the UPND that political parties drafted a political parties bill which will try to level the playing field for political parties so that all parties have enhanced chances of ruling the country.
He called on the Board Members and all those that belong ZCID to respect the Chairmanship of the FDD who took over from the UPND last December as all members of the Board are equal.
He said there was need to ensure that the centre continues to contribute to the development of democracy in the country.
He noted that for a long time the ZCID has been trying to work towards building peace among political parties.
He encouraged ZCID to continue to work towards uniting political parties saying
“this work you have embarked on is a noble cause and has blessings from government.”
Further Lubinda promised delegates that his government would implement the reaolutions which they would come up with.
He also said government was awear of some of the issues which have remaind unresolved.
“As a government we are mindful of the issues including constitution and institutions reforms, public order act, electoral reforms, judiciary and economic. That is why am urging the the delegates to be objective in their deliberation.”
Zambia Centre for Interparty Dialogue (ZCID) board chairman Nathan Mulonga told delegates that the summit was a wider platform for stakeholders not only to consult but also reach a consensus on problematic issues known to have caused tension in the country.
He said the issues that will be discussed during the summit will greatly contribute towards resolving contentious issues.
Mulonga clarified that brokering the relationship around reconciliation will include other eminent person whose platform it will provide.
He further indicated that the ZCID will continue to facilitate and manage the summits and ensure that all political players embrace the need for oneness, national unity and build the most cherished peace the country deserve.
He said its time began to address the one Zambia one nation moto that knows no tribalism and  seclusion.
“One of the central message from all the consultation and should be high on the agenda is reconciliation and harmony which is key to the ingredients to the process of reconciliation.”
He also noted the need to deal with the perceived incidents of corruption and respect for the governance structures and institutions, including the respect for independence of the judiciary and the separation of power saying this would inspire hope and confidence and reduce mistrust in the country.
Meanwhile Mulonga has asked the Ministry of justice to release the draft copy of the refined constitution to enable the delegates appreciate the changes that have been made.
Mulonga indicated that as the delegates deliberate on the constitution, there is need for them to have a reference to the copy of the constitution the government has already worked on saying this will stop suspicion and mistrust being built among stakeholders.
Stakeholder are meeting in Lusaka to discuss the political dialogue process.
Among the stakeholders attending the two day summit are non governmental organisations, Faith Based Organisations and political parties. Among the NGOs is SACCORD, TIZ and Zambia Women’s Lobby among others.
Former President Dr Kenneth Kaunda’s son Kaweche Kaunda represented his father and Rupiah Banda sent his special assistant to represent him.
Others in attendance during the official opening of the NDSS were foreign dignitaries including the EU envoy to Zambia.
Meanwhile the UPND has as per their stance shunned the summit with their spokes person Charles Kakoma indicating that his party will not respect whatever resolutions the summit will come up with.

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