UPND does not understand dialogue – Tembo

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Sean Tembo

ZCID Board member and opposition PeP leader Sean Tembo says the main opposition UPND does not understand the two processes, the dialogue and reconciliation.

In a statement below, Tembo says the ZCID is best suited to handle the dialogue process while the Church can handle the reconciliation which just involves the President Lungu and UPND president Hakainde Hichilema.


By Sean E. Tembo

1. It is worth noting that there are two separate but related processes here. There is the dialogue process whose intention is to bring about the much needed constitutional, governance, electoral, media and law enforcement reforms as we head to the 2021 general elections, so that we try to create a level playing field for all political players. Then there is the reconciliation process between the PF and UPND and other parties that might be interested, which is meant to address the conflicts that arose from the 2016 general elections.

2. If you look at the roadmap, what we are saying is that ZCID will facilitate the dialogue process because ZCID is made up of political players and it is political players who know and understand best what reforms we need in order to have a level playing field by 2021. On the other hand, the Church will handle the reconciliation process between the PF and the UPND because the church are well suited to play a mediation role.

3. My view is that the position taken by the UPND to boycott the dialogue process is predominantly influenced by their lack of understanding of the difference between the dialogue process and the reconciliation process. Our colleagues in the UPND did not take time to study and fully understand the ZCID roadmap. Most of the arguments that UPND is putting forward against ZCID facilitating the dialogue process actually relate to the reconciliation process. Issues to do with the incarceration of President Hichilema for alleged treason, and who did what to secure his release, have nothing to do with the dialogue process. Those issues fall under the reconciliation process which will be handled by the church.

4. My hope and wish is that as we move forward with this national dialogue process, the citizens of this Republic will pay more attention to the nitty gritty of what the national dialogue process is and what the reconciliation process is, so that even as we take positions on these issues, our positions will be well informed.

Thank you.


2 Responses to UPND does not understand dialogue – Tembo

  1. I am still taken aback by Zambia’s refusal to have the Commonwealth led dialogue. It would have been I pRtial and guaranteed fairness. I am not suprised Theat the UPND boycotted because they cannot trust ZCID. I don’t trust most of the operations in Zambia as they are led by those from President Lungu’s tribe. This is tribalism and how do you expect people to accept being oppressed by problematic people, like in my case. people from Eastern province mobbed me and used their Bemba cousins to steal my luxuries in abuse if the court process. There has been no impartiality and they just used the judiciary as a device of extorting from me and inflicting me with gender violence. It’s inhuman to think of such things happen ing again with ZCID.

    Mush as I told Janet Togan to tell President ECL,my he Chief Justice and HH, that it takes n average of 300 to 800 candidates to compete for a UN job position. I need my countrymen to be proud that I made it and found myself on Biard the UN after competing with others from various parts of the world. But just because Makebi Zulu and Gilbert Prhir come from the same province as President ECL, they abuse the judiciary to steal my luxuries. You must’ve ashamed of yourselves you people. If I could compete with others, you cannot steal my things just because of President ECL. Then most Judges who were assigned with my case also became complacent and manufactured costs just to justify looting of my belongings. It’s unfair. Just because of their tribe, they want to enjoy discounts they are not qualified to. Let them compete with 800 other persons from 140 countries to enjoy a UN job. The LAZ. And JCC must tell their members to compete for UN jobs no see if they will be picked. They must now start the proces of impeaching those that abrogated the constitution, due process no the rule of law. They cannot refuse to be bound by the Legal Pr tiners Act and the Judicial Code of conduct, just because they come from the same tribe with President ECL. That is nit the criteria of earning UN be fits. Janet Rogan must tell them that consequences of administrative actions, financial recovery and criminal prosecutions are mandatory for whatever they did to me. They cannot justify their actions. If lawyers could collide with members of the judiciary to pillage a UN Diplomat. What can ZCID do , as the legal framework is already infiltrated by crooks.
    The commonwealth would have strengthened the capacity of constitutionalism. Due process and the rule of law. And taught Zambia how to engange I. Fruitful elections. Not the electoral fraud we saw. How can HH and EVL account for my stollen vehicles which were stolen by Makebi Zulu and his Asvocates; and Gilbert Phiri to fuel electoral malpractices ???? WHat is ZCID going to do about it. How about the Justices who adjudicated in matters they do not have jurisdiction in. Professor Gambari was better placed with informing them how relinquished their adjudication capacity in the fraudulent matters they decided to adjudicate in because of my UN. sorry thank you, what I earned at the UNnis mine and cannot be extorted from me in a national member state or otherwise. the JCC and LAZ must do their work and strike out and impeach those that acted wrongly. They cannot justify their actions but they have continued buying time busing the court process to allow time to pass , in which they plotted to kill me. What is ZCID going to do about this. Janet Rogan must tell UNSG and UNSC to target the Zambian UN representative in New York for recovery of finances. These hear stole money they have no capacity to generate and want to use tribe. Sanctions are mandatory and they cannot justify their acts. How do I reconcile with such imoral and inhuman people who stole from me.

    UN DIplomat(R)
    May 18, 2018 at 4:51 pm

    • what is this? legalization of weed in Zambia is just a suggestion and you are already high.

      May 20, 2018 at 7:55 am

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