UK commends Lungu and HH for accepting to dialogue

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Lungu with HH

Britain fully supports the initiative from the Commonwealth Secretary General, Baroness Scotland, for a dialogue process leading to a road map of reforms ahead of the 2021 elections.  The recent visit to Lusaka by the Commonwealth Secretary General’s Special Envoy to Zambia, Professor Ibrahim Gambari, a highly respected diplomat and statesman, marked a significant step forward.


The UK commends HE President Edgar Lungu and Mr Hakainde Hichilema for their commitment to engage in this dialogue process in the interests of the Zambian people.


Speaking to news editors on 27 September, the British High Commissioner, Mr Fergus Cochrane-Dyet OBE, remarked:


“I encourage all stakeholders to engage in an open, consultative, respectful and forward-looking dialogue process, to foster political tolerance and reconciliation in the proud tradition of the Republic of Zambia’s ability to sustain harmony and peace over many decades. This process should be Zambian owned and led.  The UK and other cooperating partners are considering ways we might support the process, for example the UK is looking at how it can assist the Electoral Commission of Zambia in any potential electoral and constitutional reforms.”





British High Commission, Lusaka

27 September 2017


8 Responses to UK commends Lungu and HH for accepting to dialogue

  1. This coachroach of an envoy is still in Zambia?The stance taken by this PF inclined British Envoy over the Presidential Petition and the Mongu Motorcade Incident was wrong and unfortunate.Mr Cochrane should apologize to HH and UPND for his comments on these two issues. Now that the Kenyan Supreme Court has declared the Presidential Election in Kenya invalid,Null and Void what does Mr Cochrane say about Edgar Lungu’s Legitimacy? Lungu was not given a Concourt Validation Certificate and therefore he is an illegitimate President and is in power illegally. Following the Kenyan precedent, Validation of Elections by Foreign Observers is irrelevant,Null and Void. The Electoral Court’s Verdict overrides opinions or validation of Elections by Foreign Observers. All Foreign Observer Missions who declared 2016 Zambian Elections free,fair and credible should rescind their Recognition of Lungu until an Electoral Court hears,determines and declares Lungu as Winner of the 2016 Election and duly elected President.All Foreign Observers who declared Kenyan Elections free,fair and credible should take a queue from Mr John Kerry and the Carter Centre and apologize to Raila Odinga and NASA for wrongly forcing him to concede defeat when in fact the Elections were a Fraud as later confirmed by the Kenyan Supreme Court.In Zambia, No Petition Hearing. No Recognition of Lungu as a Legitimate President of Zambia.# Let the Petition be heard in Court.Period.

    September 27, 2017 at 2:26 pm

  2. Any dialogue in this country must be between the Republican president and all the leaders of other registered political parties in order for it to have a national character and represesentation.
    This dialogue is to essentially chat the way forward regarding the 2021 elections.

    September 27, 2017 at 6:30 pm

    • @Mike.The root cause of the heightened tension and disharmony in Zambia is the Disputed and Petitioned 2016 Election.The problem is that Lungu has been blocking the Petition Hearing.The Petition must be heard in Court so that the Nation knows what irregularities and illegalities were committed by ECZ,Concourt,ECL etc during the 2016 Election. Once the list of irregularities and illegalities is known then they can be corrected and ensure that 2021 Elections will not be disputed.From the Kenyan Precedent we know that there were more irregularities and illegalities in the Zambian Election than the Kenyan Election. ECZ did not conduct the 2016 Election in accordance with the Zambian Constitution and Electoral Law Act.The Petition Hearing is a Priority and will enhance Dialogue among Zambian Political Parties.Hearing the Petition in Court is a Constitutional Requirement which must be done.The Petitioners and the Voters want to know who won the 2016 Election? They want to know what Emmanuel Chavula was doing in the ECZ Server Room,they want to know why Lungu refused to resign and handover Power to the Speaker of Parliament,they want to know if Lungu met the 50%+ 1 vote threshold etc.The truth will set all Zambians free.#Let the Petition be heard without fail.

      September 27, 2017 at 7:21 pm

  3. @Mumba.Your comment is spot on. Foreign Election Observers need to change their approach to Election Validation. In 2016 these Foreign Observers including the British declared Zambian 2016 Elections free,fair and credible b4 the Presidential Petition was heard. That Petition has still not been heard todate and yet an impression has been created that Foreign Election Observers recognize the Lungu Regime even though the Petition has not been heard.In the Kenyan Election, Foreign Election Observers took a similar stance and are now in an awkward position now that the Kenyan Supreme Court has declared the Kenyan Presidential Election Invalid,Null and Void. An important lesson from the Kenyan Precedent has been learnt. Foreign Election Observers should not declare Elections free,fair and credible until the Electoral Court declares its Verdict.The Electoral Court’s Verdict should supercede the Foreign Observers’s opinions or election validation.What matters is the Electoral Court’s declaration and Foreign Observers’s Election Validation should be secondary. In the Zambian case Foreign Observers apart from encouraging Dialogue between Lungu and HH they must insist that the Presidential Petition be heard in Court.If Lungu continues to block the Petition Hearing, Foreign Observers must threaten to de-recognize Lungu as a Legitimate President of Zambia. That way Foreign Election Observers will be encouraging Dialogue between Lungu and HH leading to reforming Electoral Institutions in Zambia.#The Petition must be heard without fail.

    September 27, 2017 at 6:47 pm

    • Feel free to go on hunger strike if you want – and nobody will bring you food.

      September 28, 2017 at 7:53 am

  4. HH should not even waste time with this dialogue, just emulate sata and go back to work. Wasting time on stolen results won’t take you anywhere. There are engineers to make sure you don’t succeed with the petition and re paid for that.

    Abena kafue
    September 28, 2017 at 11:16 pm

    • Lungu is feeling the Pinch.The Petition is an albatross hanging around Edgar Lungu’s head.Ideally Lungu would have wanted HH and UPND to withdraw the Petition and recognize him as a Legitimate President. Lungu knows that the Stolen 2016 Election and the Petition will haunt him for life. Lungu would have wanted to amend the Petition clause but legally he cant do it until the Petition is disposed off.Yes Lungu is in Power but illegality and illegitimacy worries him. Should Lungu leave power b4 these irregularities and illegalities are sorted out he knows he will be jailed when his immunity from Prosecution is lifted.Mulandu tauboli and time is the greatest equaliser.Lungu will ultimately pay the price for these Sins.

      September 29, 2017 at 7:17 am

  5. It will be a good thing for the whole country and the international community at large ; for the Zambian President ECL and his opposition UPND President HH to dialogue soon; and come up with a road map to settling down and resolving conflicts and disputes in a secure environment; and for them to educate their cadres to live well with each other without inflicting further human rights violations on others. Why should political campaigns breed indiscriminate looting of a returned female UN Diplomat’s belongings? gender/sexual violence, hostage taking, illicit enrichment, extortion, blackmail, due process and legal representation rights violation, unlawful detention, inhuman and degrading, racketeering and money laundering acts which included the manufacturing of vexatious suits by those who chose to abuse their legal professions, micro financing businesses and the court process.

    It’s also good to hear that the UK will support Zambia in such dialogue process, and my major concern as a victim of the injustice and gross human rights violation inflicted on me; is the lacking of skills and dysfunction in most of the country’s institutions, both public and the private sector. Corruption, fraud, deception, nepotism and unprofessionalism is the way things are done in Zambia and my cry to the two Leaders is for them to come up with a strategy that will improve and I part skills of most of its people; and to professionalise, strengthen and build capacity in the affected institutions, especially the Zambia Police Service and the Justice system. Lack of integrity is rife in most private and the public sector.

    The Law Association of Zambia and ZIALE also need to reform and work on building the capacity, integrity and professionalism in Its Lawyers, and for them to uproot those that abused their legal professions. Zambia needs forensic experts/investigators to refute and discredit the deception and fraud being committed and inflicted on victims and on the court, through manufactured fraudulent litigations. The implicated Zambian Lawyers worked in Organized criminal gangs and stole my motor vehicle in abuse of the court process and they induced several members of the justice system in their efforts to legitimise the thefts, and one is the Chen a Minister in the PF Government. Even if the Zambian civil process has the interrogations, and inspection of documents provision as a need to guarantee fundamental fairness during trial. Such provision is not being implemented and I have observed Scamsters/fraudsters refusing to submit to such obligations and going into trial deceptivelŷ. Acts which offend the Rule of Law, are against natural justice and constitute crimes against humanity.

    I urge President ECL and HH to make sure that they request for support from the UK, the UN and the International community to help them fight such dysfunction in Zambia’s public and private sectors. The Law Association of Zambia needs to disarm Lawyers who abused their legal professions like militia, to harm and steal from others. I have identified about 10 Zambian Lawyers who abused their Professions and manufactured vexatious suits as methods of stealing and extorting my UN benefit entitlement from me and only an international justice can effectively criminally process them, as they worked in conspiracy with their friends and relatives in the justice system.

    I need the UK, the UN, the UN Security Council, the African Union and the International Community at large, to tell President ECL and his opposition President HH, to tell their cadres, that eligibility for UN benefit entitlements is only by becoming a staff member of the UN and not otherwise; not by manufacturing fraudulent lawsuits because they have friends and relatives in the judiciary, the Police, the RSTA, ZRA, and just because they come from the same Province with the President. NO. It’s not like that. President ECL and his opposition HH must agree to convene an international justice mechanism to account and criminally process all those who targeted me because Of my UN benefit entitlement. Zambia does not have jurisdiction in money paid from the United Nations account, but Zambian lawyers manufactured vexatious suits and conspired with others stole from me in abuse. Zambia now needs to account for breaching the UN Charter and other international treaties in the manner they harassed, enslaved and tortured me to manufactured vexatious suits as methods of stealing from me, when I did not even invade their rights. They progressed deception on and through the courts, and can only be processed by an international justice mechanism. The two leaders must tell Makebi Zulu and his Advocates and Gilbert Phiri and others; that I did not go to UN to bring them ,usurious vehicles. I need the whole world to join me in condemning their state sponsored banditry. They inflicted me with inhuman and degrading treatment to reduce me to a livelihood, of living without vehicles and they must account. The two Leaders must also stop compounding such felonies. It cannot be agreed that Zambia is safe with such banditry and human rights violations.

    Since they cannot join the UN, it goes the same way that they cannot extort or enjoy UN benefits, directly or indirectly. Only UN staff members and their eligible defendant’s are eligible to enjoy their own benefit entitlements and not even for other staff members. Any UN benefit entitlement, vehicles, money or belongings from a UN staff members extorted from them must be accounted for. Like in my case, all the methods they used to extort whatever they thought I came back with from the United Nations is thus hereby illegal and must be accounted for criminally. They are not eligible to UN benefits and it ends there. They cannot create and manufacture jurisdiction over such UN entitlements in national courts and it ends there. The Dialogue must aim to address those embarrassing deceptive acts and tactics being used to steal my belongings and extort money from me. We are not in the colonies and they have no right to hold me to ransom or like a hostage for what I achieved. I did not invade anyone’s rights by becoming a UN female Diplomat, and what they did ought to be criminally processed under the provisions of the 1979 Convention on hostage taking. I need the international community to tell President ECL and his opposition counterpart, that “US UN Diplomats”. Work so hard and keep ourselves physically fit in order to join the UN, and once on board the UN, we work extra harder and keep ourselves more healthy and physically fit to be able to do the UN job. It is unacceptable that others who lack such discipline just pillaged my belongings because they come from the same province with him, and they have friends and relatives who work in the judiciary. It’s unfair, unacceptable and inhuman and immoral.

    They must account for the harassment, enslavement, torture and pillaging, under an internationally resourced justice mechanism and I am requesting President ECL and his Opposition UPND President HH, to include an agenda of convening and Extra Ordinary Chamber in the High Court of Zambia or outside the Jurisdiction, to address my grievances. I did not go to the United Nations to illicitly enrich anyone or to be toured and pillaged in abuse.

    I need Gilbert, Phiri, Makebi Zulu and his Advocates; and others suspects their accomplices, to be criminally prosecuted by an international justice mechanism; for stealing my Jeep Grand Cherokee, my household and out door furniture and belongings, , my Toyota Corona Premio and my Toyota Harrier; respectively, which all cost me more than $350,000, plus extortion of over $250,000 in expenses towards the manufactured vexatious suits. I am not a money train for those who cannot join the UN and they must face an international justice mechanism for their acts. There is only one way of being eligible for UN benefits and not otherwise. If they cannot join the UN, they cannot have UN benefits.

    I also need the Bank of Zambia, FIC and PACRA to work with such sought international justice mechanism and identify, locate, trace, trail and confiscate the proceeds of crimes and profits perpetrated and generated through illegal prohibited collateral money lending, money laundering micro financing companies/ practices; and through illicit money laundering activities of throwing a fraudulent car giving prize ceremony by a company which did not even have such vehicles, but illegally hired vehicles, including mine and gave mine away as a prize without my consent; and thereafter manufactured a vexatious suit to legitimise such theft of motor vehicle, acts which offend the Rule of Law and natural justice.

    Then I also urge the two Leaders to look at the criteria reached in setting up the Gambian Commission of Inquiry set up to probe their former President, the ExtraOrdinary Chamber which was set up by the ECOWAS to probe the former Chad Leader, the ExtraOrdinary Chamber in the Royal Court of Cambodia and other International Tribunals set to inquire into gross rights violations; for them to work on coming up with the desired justice mechanism to look into the gross rights violations in Zambia. I am seeking similar justice mechanisms to probe the Lawyers Nd their accomplices for manufacturing vexatious suits as methods of money laundering and racketeering on my UN benefit entitlement. I am one of the victims and I don’t believe that alleged suspects like Makebi Zulu and his Advocates will ever be criminally prosecuted in Zambia, for stealing my vehicle, which cost me $37,000 to buy and ship from East Timor to Zambia; he has eluded such banditry since 2015 and reduced me to inhuman and degrading treatment. Yet is is very clear that him together with other suspects broke the law and policies in place against racketeering and money laundering activities on my UN benefit entitlement, including the manufacturing of vexatious suits to legitimise their criminal acts.

    Then, Compounding all these felonies has infringed on my right to live with the respect and dignity I worked hard for, resulting in infringing on my right to life, and those of my children. Such gender violence is subject to universal jurisdiction and I appeal to President ECL, HH and the dialogue monitoring envoy to also seek advice from Liberia’s President, Dr. Sirleaf Johnson…., on how she managed to address sexual/gender violence in her country through the long term UN peacekeeping support.

    Further, Gilbert Phiri and Makebi Zulu and his Advocates, stole from me in abuse of the court process and abuse of state machinery just because they come from the same Province with the President; and as part of a gender inferiority complex, because they are related to my late EX- fiancé whom I broke up with in 1993. They even solicited armed/ aggravated robbery from their relative Nelson Phiri, the Lusaka Police Commissioner, who was my surbodinate in the Zambia Police and he cannot be allowed to abuse his position to inhumanely degrade me. Such uncivilization, jealousy and malice can only be effectively dealt with, together with psychiatrist evaluations, and they must be exposed to the whole world as gender violence is subject to universal jurisdiction. I am not interest in them and they are not my class. They must respect my well hard earned respect and dignity. I need President ECL to appease me on such unacceptable gender violence.

    The two leaders must tell their cadres that it doesn’t mean that since I was engaged to their relative then they should steal or extort my belongings in abuse of state machinery and the justice system, No. Their late relative is not part of anything that I achieved in my life. I broke up with him in 1993, and I asked my parents to return his Dowry and it was returned in 1993. I met him in 1992. Then such man was not a fraud at all, and he never conned me out of anything, but he always spoke innovatively and he encouraged me to improve my livelihood. Even if we broke up in 1993, , we remained friends without hurting each other’s privacy, family or name, and even if we met several years later, we had education and health imbalances and differences and we could not be together again, but we respected each other and he even contacted me shortly before he died to say good bye. I was married to another man who fathered two of my children and whom I so dearly love, respect and cherish; and when I separated from my husband. I met another man in 2008 and I haven’t seen him since the pillaging started in 2015, but he is also one whom I so dearly respected, loved and cherish, and I don’t accept sexual violence. The pillagers must account. They are not my class, I just respect all human beings as we are all diverse, and that doesn’t mean that I should be taken advantage of. . I progressed in my life to become a UN Diplomat, whilst they are commoners and they cannot reduce me to second rate, just because I am female. Even if they stole from me, I remain with uprightness.

    I have high integrity in both my private and public life and I am not going to give impunity to anyone who infringed on my right to such privacy. Then, I am a person who separates personal matters from business and official matters, and I encourage Presidents ECL and HH, to build such capacities in their cadres. I want to shame the relatives of my late EX- Fiancé and to publicly ask them to leave me alone to cherish the happy moments I spent with their relative and not for them to harm or injure his legacy by stealing from me, or aiding and abetting racketeering and money laundering acts on my UN benefit entitlement, when he is gone. He is in heaven and they must respect his name and not steal from me because he was once with me. NO. It’s very shameful for them to even target and envy the things they stole from me because their relative never lived to achieve what I achieved. Shame upon them. It is a crime against humanity and they ought to be criminally processed by an international justice mechanism. I cannot even help them to commit fraud or defraud me just because they are related to him, NO. He was none of such thuggery; to me, he was a wonderful person and he would never have allowed his relatives to steal from me; and I beseech President ECL and his opposition HH, to address such embarasing gender/sexual violence.

    The two leaders need to dialogue and and instil morals and respect for female/ gender human dignity in Zambian communities. I need an international justice mechanism to look into such embarasing gender violence. There are also elements of gender violence inflicted on me through witchcraft, just because I joined the UN. Since Zambia does not criminally or civilly prosecute people for Practising witchcraft; an international justice mechanism can look into all possible causes and violations of human dignity and human rights. I already presented my grievances to the UN Security Council and I need to be released from such hostage taking.

    Then the hatred conspiracy was started by my former colleagues in the Zambia Police Service just because I progressed and went to read for my Masters degree in Policing at a UK University, such that they conspired to kidnap and kill me upon my return. But I was tipped, and I sought asylum in the UK. When they got tired of waiting for me, a Police Officer’s son and one of their hitman/assassin, whom they placed at the Airport to kidnap me, instead killed a white lady in Chongwe’s area, after stealing her vehicle. He was convicted for such murder and may have been executed already. But such Zambia Police conspiracy ganged against me to harm me and blame me for such assasin’s conviction and execution just because he did not kill me instead. We need integrity and professionalism in our national Police and not such immoral/backward thinking.

    Then, Such forced exile amounts to crimes against humanity and must be criminally prosecuted too. Since the UK will be supporting the dialogue process. I am asking them to look into such rights violation and help the two leaders to account and address the forced exile.

    My former colleagues in the Zambia Police Service even became more envious when I joined the UN, and they conspired and killed my daughter and they have been compounding such felony amongst others, and IG Kakoma Kanganja and Elizabeth Mutale Mbewe are suspects and complacent in such unlawful death of my daughter.

    In addition, my former colleagues in the Zambia Police Service, as part of the scheme to extort whatever I came back with from my UN assignment, illegally and inhumanely withheld my Zambia Police pension, salaries and other benefits, acts which constitute crimes against humanity and can only be effectively criminally prosecuted by an international justice mechanism. They have compounded such felonies and are scheming to elude accountability. I need international sanctions against them. The Attorney General’s Advocates even allegedly induced members of the justice system to compound such felonies and elude civil liability.

    I have put up a request to the Minister of Justice and I sent a request to Parliament for debate on all these issues. It is embarasing for all these men and their underachieved female friends and relatives to mob me and conspire to extort my UN benefit entitlement, to the extent of vandalising my house and even stealing home décor, crockery and pots; to the extent of infringing on my right to live with the dignity I worked hard for. I lived with the respect and dignity I worked hard for in South Africa, the UK, Sudan, Dubai, Australia, Singapore,mIndonesia and East Timor. Why pillage me in my own country and shamefully abuse the court process with deception to legitimise such immoral acts? I cannot give anyone impunity for all this, I cannot give Zambia impunity for all such acts. It must be before an international justice mechanism to account for all these rights violations.

    There is only one way of becoming eligible for a UN beneficent entitlement and it cannot be extorted from me in a national state, lacking jurisdiction in such benefit entitlement. Thus hereby. All the acts used in manufacturing the vexatious suits, fraud and deception on the court, stealing my vehicles and household goods in state sponsored aggravated robberies, extorting or stealing from me are illegal and must be criminally prosecuted.

    Please I urge the UK to support President ECL and his opposition UPND President HH in addressing such unacceptable gender inferiority complex; and also to extradite those that laundered criminal proceeds into the UK, the US and other jurisdictions; from the illicit funds/ profits they generated by targeting me.

    There are male Zambian UN peacekeepers who have been out there for 1-2 years and they earned 4 times lesser than I, but they are being worshipped in Zambia. Just because I am female , all these scamsters developed interest in my money, entitlements and belongings and what I achieved and they conspired to steal, harm, ruin and assassinate me, in abuse of state machinery. Very shameful. Shane upon them.

    Then I am seeking travel sanctions against all those that aided and abetted, and the Policemen who saw me at the UN missions and came back home to incite the pillaging/violence on me. UNPOL must stop deploying Zambia Police troops until they account, and I am appealing to the host countries to eject them out. The police on peacekeeping is very clear that those from a history of human rights violations should not be deployed to such missions. The Zambia Police troops conspired and incited violence and participated in pillaging me and they even with held my pension and other benefits and they must account.

    I already asked the UNPOL Chief to stop deploying Zambian Police troops to UN peacekeeping missions, until they account for their acts and until he comes up with a briefing and debriefing strategy to counter and hold accountable those that incite violence against internationally recruited UN staff members upon return to their home countries and I am requesting the UNSC to expedite my pleas.

    I am also appealing to the International Civil Society to join me in this campaign and to see to it that, the two Zambian Leaders’ dialogue, comes up with a road map to address these gross rights violations inflicted. . No one should get away with such impunity, they must account for such rights violations & build capacity, integrity and professionalism in the communities of Zambia, ZIALE, LAZ, ZRA and RSTA where I am seeking a thorough investigation against Songowayo Zyambo and others, for allegedly aiding and abetting Gilbert Phiri, Makebi Zulu and his Advocates; and others in the theft of my motor vehicles, and tax evasion and fraud, should also be looked into and giving Licences to persons that criminally used them constitutes aiding and abetting such crimes. Whoever is in possession of my Jeep Grand Cherokee and other vehicles should also be criminally prosecuted for being in possession of stolen property, or unlawfully obtained, Receiving stollen properly. Aiding and abetting racketeering and money laundering acts. ZIALE and LAZ must disarm their lawyers who irresponsibly abused their licences to manufacture vexatious suits and inflict deception on the court. It’s like arming militia with firearms to harm the Zambian population. LAZ, RSTA, ZRA and the Police should be raided for all such aiding and abetting, just like the same way the DEC combed Drug infested Chibolya, and I am sure that Gilbert Phiri. Makebi Zulu and others can get more jail time than seven- spirits. The law must be applied equally. I will give them an example that when we criminally prosecuted those that abused arms and killed others, in most CAH cases I dealt with, we also targeted those that manufactured the said arms Nd distributed them. We need reforms in LAZ and ZISLE to the event of them telling their lawyers that a UN benefit entitlement cannot be manipulated or earned otherwise apart from joining the UN; and I need President ECL and HH to address the Lawyers de entice acts. I cannot be manipulated. I need an independent and impartial international justice mechanism to criminally probe those that stole from me, and I appeal to the international civil society to join me in this campaign. Why should commoners steal my belongings, me, a UN Diplomat. It is inhuman.

    Sabotage victim
    October 2, 2017 at 1:34 pm

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