Trump may become a deadly Political opponent heading into 2020

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By Dr. Munyonzwe Hamalengwa


Did you listen to Trump’s speech to both houses of Congress on Tuesday February 28, 2017? He started off with one sentence about Black History Month then veered to talk about attacks on Jewish institutions etc and completely forgot or neglected to talk a little more about Black history and the experiences of Black people in America.

You could see that he has no clue about the history of a significant segment of the American population. You could also see that the speech was written by Steve Bannon, Trump’s National Security Advisor, veering towards Jewish issues and crime, law and order.

For his constituency and those who say give Trump a chance, it was a great speech indeed. And if you hadn’t known Trump’s extreme hostility to the alternative universe and decency, you could fall for him. Indeed the unwary have fallen for him in this speech.

And the Democrats have a lot of work to do because Trump is scoring points and if he is a quick Learner and becomes more populist, he could mesmerize the unschooled. Hitler did. All dictators have a knack for rhetorical and endearing florishes. Dictators can be loveable people.

After all politics is full of irrationality and illogicality. If one goes back to Trump’s old YouTube videos where Trump stated clearly that if he ran for the Presidency, he will go for the uneducated white -collar workers, the Archie Bunker-type who are neglected by elitist politics and won’t question him. He did just that with the help of the media, unwittingly.

There is an appeal also to white supremacy and crime, law and order, an ideological ensemble that never fails to win votes whether in Zambia, South Africa, Canada, the USA and everywhere. Trump has to be watched very closely because if the Democrats and the intelligent part of the global world go to sleep, Trump will win again in 2020. Chameleons are durable people.


Dr. Munyonzwe Hamalengwa

Dean, School of Law at Zambian Open University


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  1. The black Americans played a cardinal role in the liberation of the American Colonies currently the USA. At a time when some of the white soldiers were backing down, leaving the army of General George Washington for their personal duties, the black American soldiers remained resilient such that at the surrender of the British Armies near New York city on 19th October, 1781, when the American colonies attained full independence from the British, about 360,000 of them were available to witness that occasion fully geared and armed to the teeth. They also played a daring role in protecting the union from break up during the American civil war of 1860 to 1865 during the Abraham Lincoln presidency. So, I feel these people’ s integrity MUST be honored and be protected. President Trump shouldn’ t speak ill of the black people in America by him going back to history and see the role they have played in order to make America what it is today. Indeed, they are a great people who are worth to be praised and be recognized.

    Colin Muleya
    March 3, 2017 at 10:48 am

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