Trade Kings Foundation: Improving lifes – One step at a time

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Every so often we are given an opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life. 3rd May 2018 marked such an occasion where due to the support that Trade Kings has received over the past 20 years, they are able to use the opportunity through the Trade Kings Foundation to give back to community.

As has been Trade Kings forte over the years, a need was identified and Trade Kings through its Foundation responded to that need – a need that may seem insignificant to many but is very much evident no matter one’s background or social status.

In keeping with its refrain of “improving lives” Trade Kings partnered with BeitCURE Hospital and CBM to transform what was once a makeshift structure prone to the elements into a state-of-the-art facility to produce support braces for children born with club foot – a condition that afflicts over 750 babies across the country every year.

Initiated by the Zambia Association for Children with Disabilities, the makeshift shelter and tools used by this non-profit organization to create mobility aids fell far short of what would be adequate to meet demand from those affected by club foot. Their makeshift workshop was set up with a singular vision; to improve the health and well-being of children with physical disabilities through mobility aids.

In particular, the Association has worked towards championing the early treatment of club feet in children. This is with a view of the social and psychological impact of this condition on both the patients and their families.

With this in mind, the Trade Kings Foundation saw the challenges that the Zambia Association for Children with Disabilities was facing in running this venture. The confined, non-conducive working space and environment, non-availability of appropriate tools and equipment for the production of mobility aids and the unavailability of skilled artisans were among some of the challenges faced by the Association. The result of their endeavours and Trade Kings Foundation’s selfless contribution is what we witness today – a K500,000 Club Foot Shoe Manufacturing Facility, developed in conjunction with BeitCURE Hospital.

It’s a significant moment. It’s a moment that empowers the Zambia Association for Children with Disabilities. It’s a moment that shows that the Trade Kings Foundation, which will commemorate its first anniversary this June, has met its founding promises.

The charter of the Foundation is centered on five clear objectives: health, education, the empowerment of women, the development of skills in the youth and support for orphanages.

The Foundation is a medium, to reciprocate Trade Kings Group’s immense gratitude to the Zambian people, by giving back to the society, through charitable ventures and to work through various strategic partnerships, for the benefit of the greater good of the Zambian society as a whole.

Trade Kings Group’s ethos, is beyond merely providing innovative products to its customers; instead it envisions, through the Foundation, to be a loyal and a dedicated partner in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives and with the Government. This means playing an active role, giving back to communities and uplifting the lives of people of Zambia, in short, as always, living and breathing the credo that Trade Kings is about improving lives.


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