Tourists shocked with the state of Sesheke-Livingstone Road

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Sesheke-Livingstone Road

Germany Tourists at a lodge in Livingstone

Some Tourists are surprised that authorities in Zambia have left the Sesheke-Livingstone Road to be in such a deplorable state.

The Sesheke-Livingstone Road is an international route that connects Zambia to Namibia. There is a lot of traffic of tourists from Europe, especially Germans who come to Zambia through this road.  Zambia also receives a lot of imported goods that use the Walvis Bay Harbour in Namibia. The Sesheke-Livingstone Road is also a transit route for goods to DRC, Rwanda, Burundi, Uganda, Tanzania and Kenya. The route is therefore of strong economic potential to the Zambian economic development.

There is not a single driver who has used the road and not complained about the hardship experienced to get to Livingstone.

These Tourists in the picture from Germany were very disappointed with the state of the road. They hired a vehicle from Namibia to visit the Victoria Falls. The Tourists complained to one of the Tour Operators in Livingstone that if they knew the status of the road, they would have chosen other options.

The Tourists wondered how the Zambian government would leave such an important road in such a state without fear of losing Tourists who would opt to go to other countries. They complained that it was a nightmare to drive on Sesheke-Livingstone Road.

And a number of Tour Operators talked to by Zambian Eye confirmed receiving such complaints from Tourists and have called on government to treat the matter as urgent.

“I have been receiving such complaints and this is really affecting the Tourism sector and it seems those in-charge are unmoved and do not care but please don’t mention my name because these guys are ruthless they will come for my business,” stated one Tour Operator who chose to remain anonymous for fear of victimization.

But former Livingstone Tourism Association Kingsley Lilamono has charged that the road was an embarrassment to the country and has called on authorities to immediately move in and start working on the road.

Lilamono said:

“To be honest with you, this is embarrassing for the tourism industry, both to the private and public sector. The question they would usually pose is that don’t you care about losing to the competition with your neighbouring countries?”

I may be wrong, but I have not heard debate about this road from our politicians. There is need for the members of parliament for Sesheke, Mwandi and Kazungula to put their heads together and address the situation. Leaving the situation unattended will be a barrier to the development of tourism and the general economy in Zambia.”

The other road that is of much concern to motorists is the Mazabuka-Chirundu junction road. This road is literally abandoned.

In 2011 after forming government, the Patriotic Front under late president Michael Sata embarked on a mass-infrastructure programme – constructing roads, which they said was intended to link-up the country for easy movements. They had a programme called Link Zambia 8000, which was to construct roads covering a distance of 8000 Kilometres. The sad thing however is that such important roads were not in this plan.

They have been pronouncements that the roads will be worked on but as it is now there are no such signs. And with rains coming, these roads are now deathtraps.


4 Responses to Tourists shocked with the state of Sesheke-Livingstone Road

  1. Ohhh no!really,something shd be dome urgently.Pls don’t forget Kafue to Monze road too..

    DC 10..
    October 21, 2017 at 6:56 pm

  2. This is a result of coordinated corruption between the Chinese and the Zambian government,being run from the state house. Contracts are given to the Chinese contractors. In turn the Chinese use cheap and unreliable material to build weak roads with te help of prisoners from China. Once their prison terms are finished they return to China. No Zambian get any training to continue the maintaining of the roads. The Britsh colonialists were at least not corrupt. They would make it possible to train local Zambians. In such a way that when they left Zambians were able to take over and continue any maintanance. Chines are worst colnilsts than the British.It is time that africans open their eyes and stop this coordinated corruption and exploitation of Africans. In a few years and with all the rains coming, those fake but high praise roads would turn into mud covered pathways. Is that development? More 50 years after independence. It is such a shame.

    Sammy Kaonga
    October 21, 2017 at 7:56 pm

  3. I see no reason why they did not extend the road from L/stone to Sesheke instead they ended in Kazungula. Their interest is just on the revenue collected at Katima Mulilo Boarder. I just hope they have included it in the 2018 budget. Please Mr Frank Kufwakwandi (MP) fight for that road to be worked on.

    The Scientist
    October 22, 2017 at 11:15 am

  4. what if i have a solution t this problem do i need to be politically affiliated or what….anonymous.

    February 23, 2018 at 3:52 pm

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