They were free and fair elections, we just lost – Tayali

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Opposition EEP leader Chilufya Tayali has conceded defeat in Tuesday’s ward by-elections.

Tayali says the polls were free and fair. He said this in a statement below:

If you ask me, I would tell you that, I feel bad for the loss, but I can’t start accusing others, or giving excuses. The elections were okay and we congratulate ECZ for the job well-done in organizing them.

I, together with our members and the candidate, Mwaba Mwaba Victor, put in everything we could but Kampyongo came in with all manner of play, skill, experience and resources and took us off the free-kick and we lost.

I don’t make excuses, because, it does not help much. Of course we will learn from the experience and pray that God gives us resources for us to compete fairly, otherwise, we need a miracle to carry the day, based on the message.

Even Sata, had GBM and many others backing him financially, for us, we only depended on the few a coins that we got for the sell of a car of my daughter Pasha. Anyway, we are happy we played by the book, no under-hand methods or violence.

However, one thing, we need to acknowledge is that, PF is not as dead as we think on social media. UPND has not made new enrolls, though they have done well maintaining their position like in 2016.

My brother GBM tried to gunner some votes in Mikunku and other areas, using some bags of money which he carried, when I thought the man was broke. The issue of sending UPND officials in the wards to camp there and feed people for some days, also helped them.

Congratulations to NDC, they have performed well and their future looks promising though their leader seems ill (too much BP and diabetes which makes him faint under pressure) and entangled in court cases which might leave him paralyzed.

Generally the elections were free and fair, in spite of few incidences, of malpractices of violence and corruption, but surely, it would not have changed a thing. Those who won, deserve it and we congratulate them.

Our, as EEP, biggest worry is resources, to participate fairly and package our message. It is not just about giving people money, but logistics, advertising, etc. otherwise we are highly we have something people would want to take to the ballot box.

Nonetheless, I am not giving up, it is official, we are one of the opposition political parties drawing attention and able to participate in elections, so that is good enough for now.





5 Responses to They were free and fair elections, we just lost – Tayali

  1. What do other opposition say! We hope they have noticed the same as Tayali has said .

    April 25, 2018 at 3:50 pm

  2. Those elections were a joke!! With all the political intimidation and masturbation free and fair and yet you have the BALLS to call it free and fair? The situation has reached “SCUM” level in the list of all Banana Republics! Consider all those CLOWNS who were shooting guns, paying voters, assaulting opposition members as well as blockading roads to polling stations with their vehicles. Don’t PATRONISE the people by calling the elections FREE & FAIR. You’ve been CURSED seven-forth.

    April 25, 2018 at 4:55 pm

  3. Just admit defeat. Insults do not add value.

    April 25, 2018 at 7:28 pm

  4. Real test will be in 2021, when even a frog will have a hands down win against any PF candidate.

    PF ministers will be behind bar in 2022 and its cadres will look for shanty tins to hide their faces.

    April 26, 2018 at 12:10 am

  5. I remember when elections were being held which took out Rupiah Banda, I was at a Bar in Luanshya called Theo’s, the Guy who was running the bar was so happy during the election evening playing loud MMD songs which kept repeating, I bought myself a beer and was thinking to myself that “this pride, what will happen to it when the following morning PF scoops the presidency, I and my friend were careful not to talk the DJ into not playing partisan music but you could see how the dancing guys were looking at us because we were not amused with what they were doing.

    The following morning when we went to the same place and by then it was apparent PF had won, we found the bar closed, but the owner passed by with a downtrodden face, all that jumping around had suddenly disappeared and now he was faced with reality. That scene will soon repeat itself come 2021, we shall let them make all the noise through the night, but the night will come to an an with reality of the situation, others will start hiding from the people next door because of the noise they were making the previous night, others will commit suicide, cadres will take cover, others will frantically start hiding some of their assets ill gotten, but the change would have come, and it would have come to stay. change now for the better, because tomorrow you will be shammed by the very people you are looking down upon today.

    April 26, 2018 at 9:37 am

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