They are not moved by a million dollars

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A million dollar medicine scandal cannot shake them, moreover a million dollar is just a drop in an ocean from the money they have accumulated for themselves.

The President made it clear in his pronouncement and policy UBOMBA MWIBALA ALYA MWIBALA.

Just imagine genuine fuel imported from Angola and sold at black market in lukulu by the street boys is sold at k7.5 per liter(negotiable) while the PF fuel is sold at k13 per liter .

Indeed it’s a devil’s principle they are here to steal,kill And destroy.

Vincent Chaile

President for Radical Revolutionary Party


One Response to They are not moved by a million dollars

  1. You politicians know better indeed what you tell us is what we know , kindly correct the rot that is with in most you .
    What we the public would like to see is that our poor people are well looked after , we would also like to see is that those who abuse public funds are not just sacked but imprisoned to be examples to others .
    Please dont just talk in the streets have hard facts to take to the courts of law.

    May 11, 2018 at 8:21 pm

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