There are going this year, no one will stop me from filing in – Muliokela

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Alex Muliokela

Alex Muliokela

President of the opposition United Poor People’s Party (UPPP) Alex Muliokela has vowed that no one will stop him from filing in his nominations papers for the presidency by imposing K70, 000 fee.

The Electoral Commission of Zambia has increased the nomination fees for the presidential candidate from K10, 000 to K70, 000, a move viewed that it will prevent many from contesting for the top job.

But Muliokela who in the January 2015 presidential elections caused drama after he failed to raise K10, 000 to file his nomination papers says the decision to increase the fees is a human rights issue.

“Universal Declaration of Human and people’s Rights is not Negotiable,” Muliokela explains. “Dear Zambians whether they like it or not they are packing this year as I am going to State House more than 12 Million (people) need President Muliokela.”

Muliokela explains; “Article 21 of the General Assembly says everyone has the light to take part in the Government of his/her Country no one has the power to stop him or her apart from the Majority during election or Referendum. For this and other reasons I will file the case in the High Court of Zambia and appeal to the International Court of Justice of the Judgement is otherwise the Electrical Commission Zambia or anyone has no power to Dictate by charging 75 Million (Kr75,000) Unless people of Zambia during the Referendum.”

Zambia goes to the polls on August 11 to elect a president, Members of Parliament and Councilors.


3 Responses to There are going this year, no one will stop me from filing in – Muliokela

  1. Mr muliokela should be given a chance , he is a zambian.

    Es . chibuye.
    February 11, 2016 at 8:53 am

  2. Let Hon Kambwili be his running mate.
    Brian Hapunda should be his minister for finance, planning and development.
    Kalu as Secretary General of ppp.
    Emmmanuel Mwamba as his mouth piece.
    General Kanene – ministry of gender and child training.
    Mumbi Phiri to ministry of tourism and entertainment.
    Innocent Kalaluka to ministry of foreign affaires.
    Gvz. Zulu to ministry of justice.
    Master Chimbala as deputy minister for gender and child training.
    Kk ambassador to China.
    The list to continue next time.

    February 11, 2016 at 11:57 am

  3. its important that we have serious politics not this joker wasting our time

    February 12, 2016 at 9:04 am

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