The tribal voting patterns in Luapula

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Lungu and HH

I have been patiently waiting to hear comments on the voting patterns for both Mununga and Musonda 5th June 2018 Ward by-elections results. But no one is commenting. Everyone is zii!

But if these results were in Southern Province, it would trend, we would have heard nonsensical tribal talks about tribal voting. We would have been subjected to stupid terms like Nenga Nenga formula, Dundumwezi formula. Now that it’s in Luapula, it’s ok. It’s normal. It’s only wrong if it’s in Southern Province. It’s really unfair to subject other tribes, particularly Tongas to this type of discrimination.

The hypocrisy of these political frauds and imposters makes me sick!

KAPAKO Polling station
PF 120
FDD 21
Rejected 01

Mununga Polling station
PF 386
FDD 113
Rejected 02

Chimambi Polling station
PF. 161
FDD. 30
UPND. 08

Kabwe polling station
PF. 369
FDD. 48
UPND. 05
Rejected 18

Sewe polling station
PF. 80
FDD. 52
UPND. 04


3 Responses to The tribal voting patterns in Luapula

  1. Yes it’s fyn dat’s hw loses r plz next tym wrk hard

    June 9, 2018 at 6:21 pm

  2. If u don’t mind u cn join da winning team

    June 9, 2018 at 6:23 pm

  3. Zambia is seeped into regionalism and tribalism a trend which will take generations to change if ever, thus like it or not conversation must begin to seriously consider ushering in The Federal Government of Zambia with states named possibly as: Bulozi (Western), Kumawa (Eastern), Luapula (Luapula), Lubemba (Northern), Lusaaka (Lusaka), Muchinga (Muchinga), Migodi (Copperbelt), Pakati (Central) Musanza (Southern), Zambezi (Northwestern). Then a system of balancing electoral votes for the presidency would be worked out! This current scenario consuming Zambia will perpetually marginalize certain regions as currently is Southern Province thus self determination of regions (provinces) dubbed states will render the hostile divisions ineffective and states will compete to develop regional economies contributing prorate to central government! The fear of breaking up Zambia to regionalism may probably inject some sanity into finding a long lasting solution but as it is now calls for unity are a waste of time for a long while!

    June 10, 2018 at 9:12 am

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