The religious industrial complex: Its all about the money

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Bishop Imakando

Prophet Bushiri

Bishops Joshua Banda and Joe Imakando represents the old and tired religious system with nothing new to offer.

Bishop Banda

Sheppard Bushiri and other young preachers aka “prophets” represent something new and fresh. It may not be “real”. It may actually be fake. But it’s evident that people are buying into whatever they are selling. That scares the Gehenna out of the old tired bishops.

The young guys have tapped into the social media frenzy. They portray success. The faced is on public display each time they step out.

You cannot serve young millennial Christians 1964 wine. You call it aged, they call it old and tired.
You call it mature and steady. They call it out of touch.

Before you know it, we will soon have a tv show called KEEPING UP WITH THE BUSHIRIS. These young guys FAKE or not are selling something young people are searching for.

Old guys cannot keep up, so they have decided to use governments in Africa to either stop or slow down these young people. Here is the problem. Government will only tag alone for as long as they see you as influential enough to help them win elections.

The Bushiris are controlling the bigger chunk of the money. TB Joshua is still scratching his head. He didn’t see it coming either. So much for prophecy.

Here is what I know. People’s spiritual needs are directly connected to their social and economic needs. As a pastor of an old church like the Bishops, you must evolve with time and plug into what’s trending and what’s relevant.

You may succeed in stoping young pastors from coming into Zambia. But their followers will still send them money through western union, mobile money etc. just come up with relevant messages and compete for the hearts and minds or the Christian fraternity. Alternatively retire….

By Francis Malama


7 Responses to The religious industrial complex: Its all about the money

  1. There is no true prophet of God living in our era nowadays according to yeshua in matt 24:24. All these self made prophets, bishops..etc, are agents of SATAN deception and they are all after money and nothing else! The bible indicates that the word of God is not for sale! Roman catholics palpacy, is the richest single religious enity, in the world, seconded by self made prophets, pastors, bishops all other..charlatans coming in name of jesus with vubwi/mutototo in their pockets. These criminals have changed the word of God to gospels, prosperity, satanic miracles..etc, all taking advantage of ignorace of people. This satanism will come to an end one day!!!

    shema israel
    May 19, 2017 at 12:21 am

  2. Leave Bishop Imakando alone and follow your magicians because your are blinded by fake magic. have you ever seen bishop Imakando boasting about miracles? or selling water or oil? no!!! he does not charge anything but can i testify? copperbelt university shcool of mines and mineral sciences chemical engineering department records show that in 2010 i withdrew from school and bounced back in 2011 with no money but completed my program and paid after graduation in 2012.this was because bishop Imakando prayed for me and told me all was well with and that i should go and complete my program and i did so there was no magic all that God did through him was that God gave me chance to seat for my exams and enough time to raise funds in order to get my results, but the money i paid had to be worked for he charged me nothing and i was not is member. this happened in 2010 at kitwe central bread of life church near high court.
    my bishop preaches the word of God the content in the bible? there are a lot of miracles that happen in bread of life but are not televised to him its normal dont attack just come and listen to the word of God through your magicians are after money he does not not ask for it wilfully we have built him a house ask any member if there was force or any form of threatening involved. i therefore invite you dear come and meet him. actually, he doesnt even know about this testimony.Come and see how demons terrible before pastor Kenny Sialike at bulangililo bread of life in Kwacha.

    ba big
    May 19, 2017 at 8:23 am

    • There are people who have risen from death by the miracles of satan, so your testfication and miracles of school achievements are no much and they are NOT a criteria of bishop imakando being godly! Coz from matt 24:24 we learn that satan can also perform alot of miracles!!YESHUA SAID YOU SHALL KNOW THEM BY THE FRUITS.

      HERE ARE SOME FRUITS OF MONEY LOVING Imakando! has an ATM machine right up at the church, would Yeshua approve of this thirsty for money if he Yshua was to come today??

      May 19, 2017 at 12:01 pm

  3. Boasting about wealth is bad. God does not work in the realm of money. He created the universe, things we see and things we don’t see. The issue of selling anointing water in certain churches is an abomination just like Jesus got upset when He found worshipers selling items in the house of God. Driving an expensive car is not an issue to God. The gospel should be preached in its original form not what the author is suggesting that the new generation should tap into the new system of things unlike the old preachers. The new system of things our new preachers are trying to compromise with the bible is satanic systems. The bible is plain. Do not add or subtract anything from the word of God, the bible. Where is the selling of the anointing oil or water in the bible? The above article is a misplaced one. Actually it is the old people who have endowed with wisdom. So let Bushiri enjoy his wealth but that to God doesn’t matter. What matters is; is your name written in the Lamb’s boo of life?

    May 19, 2017 at 8:57 am

  4. Ok, those of you who are claiming that most of these old and new churches are not businesses, why are they registered under PACRA like other private limited companies and not under registrar of societies?

    May 23, 2017 at 10:52 am

    • walasa iwe. Even the government itself it know that it business for most of the church.

      May 23, 2017 at 11:58 am

      • walasa iwe. Even the government itself it knows that it business for most of the church

        May 23, 2017 at 11:59 am

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